Sunday, December 5, 2021

New talk show appearance Meghan speaks to Ellen DeGeneres about daughter Lilibet

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After the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Duchess Meghan faces another talk show great. In Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she tells of the time before Prince Harry, but also of daughter Lilibet.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are building a new life for themselves in Los Angeles. In the meantime, the two seem to have arrived in America. While they used to be traveling in Great Britain in the name of the Crown, they now dangle from appointment to appointment in the United States.

The Duchess of Sussex had a very special appearance there recently. The 40-year-old was a guest on the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres. The episode with Prince Harry’s wife will be broadcast on Thursday. But fans can already gain an insight. A short excerpt from Meghan’s appearance was posted on the official Ellen DeGeneres account.

In the one-minute video, the Duchess remembers her career as an actress. Because the show will be recorded on the premises of Warner Bros., where some castings in which Meghan took part previously took place.

“I parked at gate three and then drove over and the nice thing was that the security people kept saying, ‘Broken neck, we hope you can do it!’ Only the driveway looks completely different today, “she says.

At that time she drove to her auditions with a “very, very old Ford Explorer Sport”. At some point the doors couldn’t be opened with the key. “So I stood in the back of the parking lot, opened the trunk and climbed in, pulled it shut behind me and crawled over all of my seats,” Meghan continued.

If someone had caught her doing it, she would have tried to “cover it up”. “I would say, ‘Oh, I’m just looking for my résumé and my highlighters for my script. Maybe it’s over there,'” she jokes.

The full interview will only be published later this day. The “People” magazine, however, saw other excerpts. Duchess Meghan is said to have talked about her daughter on the talk show.

Lilibet was currently teething and the mother of two was wondering what could help. The talk show host jokingly suggests “Tequila”. “That’s Aunt Ellen for you,” Meghan said with a smile. “That’s why I have no children,” replies DeGeneres.

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