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New Hampshire man charged with brutally killing his wife’s lover and forcing her to behead him

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Armando Barron reportedly shot Jonathan Amerault three times in the chest and once in the skull, then asked his wife Britany to behead him

This article contains illustrative information that may be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is recommended.

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE: A New Hampshire couple have been charged with the murder of their wife’s mistress. On September 19, 2020, Armando Barron, 30, learned that his wife Britany Barron, 31, was having an affair with Jonathan Amerault, 25, after he searched her phone. According to investigators, he then forced his wife to take part in the murder and beheading of the man.

Armando Barron used his wife’s phone to lure her lover to the Annett State Forest in Rindge, New Hampshire. According to an affidavit obtained by the Sentinel, Armando Barron attacked Amerault as he arrived. He then demanded that his wife shoot Amerault, but she resisted. However, when he told her to cut open Amerault’s wrists, she relented. Armando Barron then shot him three times in the chest and once in the skull, according to the Sentinel.


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According to the Sentinel, the Barrons then drove Amerault’s car to a campground in northern New Hampshire, stopping along the way to purchase lighter fluid, household cleaners, tarps and a shovel. He ordered his wife to decapitate Amerault’s head and remove his head and body at the campsite. The affidavit said Armando Barron instructed them to do so so Amerault’s identity could not be established from dental records. He then urged his wife to text her friends and say she was “going to clear her head for a while” after destroying Amerault’s phone.

According to the Sentinel, Barron then left his wife with two firearms to protect herself from wildlife, including the one that killed Amerault, and promised to return the next day. While she was at the campsite, she attempted to clean Amerault’s car, according to the outlet. According to the Sentinel, two hunters observed Britany Barron at the campground many times in the days following Amerault’s death and told her on September 22, 2020 that she was not allowed to camp there. They later reported the violation to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

The Sentinel said two conservation officers arrived and “told her not to camp in that area,” adding that they noticed an object later identified as Amerault’s vehicle under a tarp covered with sticks. According to the union leader, “officials noticed her black eyes and bruises on her neck when they told her to clean up and leave, and she walked away from the campsite with them”. They “called state police and handcuffed the woman” after seeing a tarp in the nearby creek that appeared to be wrapped around a body.

According to the outlet, “blood ran into the water” when a state trooper inspected the tarp in the creek, and a coroner then unfolded the sheet to find the decapitated body. Armando Barron has pleaded not guilty to capital murder, while Britany Barron has pleaded not guilty to three counts of tampering with evidence. Both are being held without bail and the trial is ongoing.

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