Thursday, December 2, 2021

New case from the capital is worth the Berlin "crime scene" This evening?

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In the new Berlin “Tatort: ​​The Cold and the Dead”, Rubin and Karow have to solve the gruesome murder of a student. It is Commissioner Rubin’s penultimate case. Is it worth switching on?

On November 14th there is a new case from Berlin. In “Tatort: ​​Die Kalten und die Toten” the two inspectors Nina Rubin (played by Meret Becker) and Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) look into the depths of two families. You have to solve the murder of a young student using extraordinary means. Because mothers and fathers want to protect their children – at all costs …

It’s the weekend in Berlin. Many celebratory people roam the wintry city looking for an unforgettable night. With the help of a dating app, a young woman gets in touch with Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) and Julia Hoff (Milena Kaltenbach). The next morning a body is found near the apartment. The face is so disfigured that identification is difficult. But thanks to a missing person report and a DNA comparison, it becomes clear: This is the medical student Sophia Bader (Laura Sophie Warachewicz). When the two commissioners Nina Rubin and Robert Karow bring the bad news to their parents, they deny their daughter’s death and deny that she uses dating apps.

Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) succeeds again and again in his charming way of dispelling the doubts of his mother Doris (Jule Böwe).  (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer) Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) always manages to dispel the doubts of his mother Doris (Jule Böwe) in his charming way. (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer)

To the great surprise of Rubin and Karow, Dennis and Julia turn up at their place. They explain that they had consensual sex with the dead woman and that Sophia then left the apartment. But Dennis does not seem to be innocent: In his bulging police files, allegations of assault, rape and arson can be read. However, there was never a conviction. The suspicion quickly arises that his mother, a patrol officer, and his father repeatedly managed to pull his head out of the noose. In this case, too, the parents seem to have their fingers in the game – the investigators get stuck. Therefore, they have to resort to drastic methods to get the Ziegler family to talk.

Absolutely! In the new “Tatort” in Berlin, the psychogram of two families is traced. All four parents seem like nice people next door. But the viewer quickly notices: Nothing is what it seems. The focus is on the problems, fears and worries of the individual protagonists. What a lack of communication, loss of control and lack of empathy can cause is impressively demonstrated.

“Torsten [Bierkens], the director, and I asked ourselves what degree of callousness and egocentricity it takes to commit homicides, “explains screenwriter Markus Busch (born 1965) in an interview with the broadcaster. It is not just the two inspectors Karow and Rubin that stand the misunderstanding written on the face several times. Even as a spectator one would like to shake up the families. No character stands out in this case. The characters fit perfectly into the story and result in a harmonious overall picture. That speaks for a great ensemble, which Convinced all along the line.

Tan Caglar: On November 14th he can be seen in "Tatort" for the first time.  (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer)Tan Caglar: On November 14th he can be seen in “Tatort” for the first time. (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer)

The two commissioners Rubin and Karow come to their limits in “Die Kalten und die Toten”, which the viewer also feels. You break rules and new pages come to light. For the first time: Assistant Malik Alsan. He is the successor to Anna Feil (Carolyn Genzkow) and actively supports the two investigators. The policeman in a wheelchair is played by Tan Caglar, who was very happy about his new engagement. Everyone was very nice to him, as he reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news. “At the beginning it’s always like when you start a new school class.”

A downer: it is already the penultimate thriller with Meret Becker as Commissioner Nina Rubin. Her last case with the working title “Tatort: ​​The girl who goes home alone” will be broadcast in spring 2022. She will then be replaced by actress Corinna Harfouch. That’s why on Sunday evening all Rubin fans have to say: Enjoy before it’s over.

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