Saturday, November 27, 2021

New activities on Instagram Will Laura Müller earn her money with it in the future?

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Since Michael Wendler’s drift into the Corona conspiracy corner, things have also become quieter for his wife. But now Laura Müller appears again – and with a new idea.

It’s back on the Laura Müller Instagram channel, but not nearly as much as it used to be. For a few weeks now, around 578,000 followers have been seeing content from the 21-year-olds’ story function. Before that, there had been radio silence on the profile of the Wendler wife for months.

Then she suddenly presented her fans with make-up tips and gave insights into her beauty routine. Michael Wendler’s wife was so changed that some of her loyal followers had problems recognizing her. Her made-up face looked very different.

Now the former “Playboy” cover model is back in his story. This time Laura Müller has no make-up tips in her luggage, but handbags. As she proudly announces, she is selling some of her pieces. “I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really excited,” she reports, describing the idea as a “cool action”. According to her statements, she has “too many handbags” and now wants to get rid of some of them.

Laura Müller: Michael Wendler's wife sells her handbags on Instagram.  (Source: Screenshot / Instagram / LauraSophieMueller)Laura Müller: Michael Wendler’s wife sells her handbags on Instagram. (Source: Screenshot / Instagram / LauraSophieMueller)

Not just any run-of-the-mill objects, but Louis Vuitton handbags. Laura Müller has picked out four pieces that she wants to part with. But instead of a raffle, as is quite common with influencers, or a cooperation with the French luxury fashion brand, she has a very simple, mundane sales campaign.

Interested parties should contact her by e-mail, she would then take care of the processing “with her team”. She wants to have 950, 1,200, 1,285 and 1,985 euros for the bags. A matter of negotiation? Puff cake. The price is fixed and includes the delivery and customs costs that Laura Müller has to pay if she sends the bags from the USA to Germany. Because her Insta story is, as always, in German and is aimed primarily at her fans from home.

Is that now Laura Müller’s new source of income? When her husband drifted into the Corona conspiracy corner last year, the 21-year-old lost almost all of her cooperation partners. She only advertises for a whitening device and dog leashes.

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