Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Netflix’s ’42 Days of Darkness’ ending explained: Did Mario Medina kill his wife, Veronica Montes?

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The husband becomes crucial when the investigation begins and all signs point to him being one of the prime suspects

Netflix’s 42 Days of Darkness ends on a more contemplative note. It’s unclear, but the message is clear. The first Chilean series to be produced by the streamer is quite an intriguing watch, and loosely borrows the plot based on a true story. The six-episode investigative drama keeps asking tough questions.

Veronica Montes, a mother of two, quickly gets caught up in the story and mysteriously disappears, and her sister Cecilia begins a frantic search. Local authorities and the media are digging into the case, throwing a curveball at every stage. The emotional stakes are just as high as the show focuses on Veronica’s children – Kari and Emi – and the turmoil they go through as the investigation begins.


42 Days of Darkness ending explained: Did Mario kill his wife, Veronica Montes?

The investigation revealed that Mario, Veronica’s husband, had not called his wife once after her disappearance. This put him at the top of the suspect list, and it was hard to call that either ignorance or sheer negligence. The other red flag was in his story where he said he called Karen when she was walking back from school. The daughter denies this statement in her report, saying that her father did not call her as her phone was switched off at the time. That Mario dealt with more trivial issues instead of focusing on finding his wife, or the fact that she was involved in an affair as the case raged on, made him one of the prime suspects in the case.

Mario was also the main cause of major conflicts. While part of the family was certain he was innocent, the other part struggled to understand his idiosyncratic nature and continued to suspect him of Veronica’s disappearance. Things take a turn for the worse when Mario changes his testimony and claims that Cecilia was involved in the kidnapping. The psychiatric evaluation also revealed that he liked to address his wife in the past tense and withheld the whole truth. It was also he who called the police and said he found his wife’s body in the attic.

Almost two years after her burial, Veronica’s body was exhumed and sent for forensics only to provide inconclusive evidence and not consider Mario a murderer. With the authorities and the court failing to establish any connections between any of the alleged killers and Mario, he was eventually acquitted, and it was just a matter of all parties making peace with the fact that he might or might not have actually killed his wife.

42 Days of Darkness is currently streaming on Netflix.

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