Thursday, September 22, 2022

Netflix Tudum 2022 Global Fan Event: Everything you need to know about the BIGGEST fan event of the year

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“#TUDUM is back! It has your favorite shows! The coolest movies! The Biggest Stars! Don’t miss all five shows of this global fan event.”

Netflix Tudum is back with its second virtual fan convention! The trailer certainly made the event look bigger and better than last year! Netflix Tudum is the most anticipated fan event after SDCC and D23. Although it only started last year, it has a following of its own as fans of the Netflix Original movies and series are eagerly awaiting to learn some details of their beloved shows! This year on Netflix Tudum, you can expect all the stars and creators of your favorite shows on the virtual stage, discussing how they shot the scenes, the memories they made, and just celebrating the fans by giving them a glimpse of their give perspective.

This year has an epic cast of stars from every highly anticipated and talked about Netflix series, starting with The Crown, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things and many more. If you really thought it was going to end up with only your favorite actors only talking about movies and series, then buckle up because there are games they will play too. Isn’t that exciting? Netflix really did say when life gives you lemons make lemonade as they make the most of the 2022 fan convention. Anyway, read more to know more about Netflix Tudum Global Event 2022.


When is the global fan event Netflix Tudum 2022?

Netflix has set the date for its second annual free virtual fan convention, Tudum, planning five “global” events within 24 hours for September 24, 2022.

There will be five events in total on September 24th, but in fact the reality for most people is that they are actually happening over two days due to the time zone difference.

Korean Showcase at 11 am KST, Indian Showcase at 11 am IST, US, EU and Latin America Showcase at 10 am PT and Japan Showcase on September 25 at 1 pm JST.

Netflix said, “The free virtual event is a celebration of Netflix fandom and dedicated to sharing the information on over 120 fan-favorite shows, movies, specials and games from around the world.” Netflix official site tweeted the trailer Tudum, writing: “#TUDUM is back! It has your favorite shows! The coolest movies! The Biggest Stars! Don’t miss all five shows of this global fan event.”

Netflix’s extensive catalog of original shows will take pride of place at Tudum 2022. Expect to hear more news on the world’s biggest shows, see world exclusive trailer premieres, learn about release dates for new TV series or returning fan favorites, watch after-the-scenes, and more.

Movies and shows to be screened at the event include Love is Blind: Brazil, Bridgerton, Emily In Paris, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, Shadow and Bone, Guns & Gulaabs”, “Squid Game”, “Stranger Things”, “The Crown”, “The Witcher”, “The School for Good and Evil”, “Enola Holmes 2”, “Extraction 2”, “Heart Of Stone” , “Lupin”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “20th Century Girl”, “3 Body Problem”, “The Old Guard 2”, “Hearstopper” and many more.

What will happen at the Netflix Tudum 2022 Global Fan Event?

You can watch the Netflix Tudum 2022 global fan event trailer below:

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