Saturday, June 25, 2022

NCT 127’s Jaehyun Attending Milan Fashion Week? “Human Prada” makes the fans go crazy

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Jaehyun will attend Prada’s spring/summer 2023 men’s collection show at Milan Fashion Week

With K-pop taking over almost the whole world, it was only a matter of time before it started to conquer other areas. K-pop fan culture is also an international phenomenon that has often surprised non-fans by the loyalty between fans and idols. This, in turn, has increased the influence of artists and the influence of fans who sell brands they sponsor to tune into non-K-Pop events just to see their favorites. And now Milan Fashion Week is graced by Prada’s face – Jaehyun from NCT 127.

Fashion week is also a pretty exciting time for K-pop fans, from GOT7’s Mark Tuan becoming a regular, to Blackpink’s Lisa, KARD’s BM and Pentagon members becoming catwalk models and modeling on the catwalks. We also had EXO’s Kai, who became the face of Seoul Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2022, while NCT 127’s Johnny attended his first-ever Met Gala of 2022, rocking the Gilded Age theme with a modern take on traditional suiting. And now, in the most amusing way, his colleague Jaehyun hinted at something exciting in Milan.

2022 Met Gala: NCT’s Johnny ‘redefines modern luxury’ for Gilded Age theme.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan World Domination begins at YSL F/W ’22 at Paris Fashion Week

We had Jaehyun first, who posted a photo of him getting his hair dyed, prompting fans to theories about his next schedule. It didn’t help that the NCT 127 star shared that he was done with group activities and was now flying somewhere for a solo flight schedule. He then gave us a quick look at his new hair, which happens to be platinum blonde, followed him on the plane to Milan. With Jaehyun supporting Prada fairly regularly to become the only Korean artist to ever live stream Prada’s 2021 fashion show, fans were just waiting for him to appear at a Prada show in person or be booked as their global ambassador.

Well, it looks like Jaehyun will be attending Prada’s event at Milan Fashion Week after she flew to Italy on June 16. The luxury fashion house launches its Spring/Summer 2023 men’s collection for Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons on June 19 at 2pm CEST. It’s also a busy time for NCT 127 fans as we’ll also get a two-day Osaka concert and Jaehyun’s first-ever K-drama Dear.M on June 29th.

Jaehyun flies to Milan

One fan tweeted, “Jaehyun bagged a whole Prada show in Milan like he was chosen by all the idols to go there like I’ll smell the world ambassador perryhat soon.” Another wrote, “OH MY GOD JAEHYUN IS GOING REALLY GOING TO MILAN.” One NCTzen commented, “Johnny had met Gala and now Jaehyun has Prada’s runway show like 2022 was really for the Johnjae Stans.” Another brought up why Jaehyun was the perfect choice to be Prada’s ambassador: ” Jaehyun wears Prada from head to toe 🖤 At this point he would pass for human Prada. damn jaehyun looks so classy and expensive.”

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