Thursday, December 2, 2021

Natural look below and above Désirée Nick poses without make-up in skin-colored briefs

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Actually, Désirée can no longer shock Nick with anything. The cabaret artist doesn’t mince her words, nor has she been wearing a lot of clothes lately. The latest trick: a photo of the 65-year-olds underwear.

Désirée has been surprising Nick again and again recently with revealing pictures. For example, she showed an old photo from her pregnancy – completely naked. This was followed by a recent nude photo shoot and she recently presented herself on Instagram with unusual sausage clothing – also topless.

And now? Once again there are scantily clad impressions of Nick. This time the reality star is presented in a light-colored knitted jacket by Alexander McQueen. In order to put the noble part in the limelight, the entertainer renounces everything else. For example, she doesn’t wear any make-up and you won’t even look for trousers when looking at the photo. Only skin-colored slip covers Nick’s nakedness. At first glance, it almost looks like she’s completely naked downstairs.

“The truth is, it’s just pale,” she writes about the photo, alluding to her make-up-free face. The picture is well received by around 96,600 followers on Instagram. “And pale is beautiful” is one of the comments. Another person writes: “Such a pretty woman even without make-up.”

Another user says: “You radiate so much beauty and elegance even without make-up and that means something in today’s world. Because many people can no longer even be recognized, let alone looked at without filters and make-up. ” Nick, however, is a “prime example of true beauty, both externally and internally,” enthuses the person.

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