Monday, August 8, 2022

Nathan Griffith defends son Kaiser from fat-shaming

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Teen Mom graduate Nathan Griffith, who was engaged to MTV personality Jenelle Evans, slammed a social media user after they shamed his 8-year-old son Kaiser.

He took a screenshot of the person’s comment and then posted it to his Instagram feed and story on July 21.

“What a sad, sad individual,” Griffith wrote. “Is that ours? [world] has come?”

The person accused Griffith of not taking proper care of Kaiser.

“Aren’t you a fitness freak? Why not teach your son some tips because he clearly needs them,” they wrote.

Griffith ranted at length where he defended his son.

“AWESOME!!! Hope this is a joke. Body shaming of a kid for his weight,” he said in reply. “First of all, Karen (and if you’re kidding, I apologize for what I’m about to say), you did seen my cheeks!?!? My whole family has broad cheeks. Second, do I have him full-time??? No! And when I do, we’re very active.”

Griffith revealed that Kaiser was already insecure about his body image because he wanted to look more like his father.

“Third, my son is VERY insecure about his weight and he shouldn’t be. He is perfect and just turned 8. As he grows he gets thinner. I’m sure of it,” Griffith said. “I have to make him take his shirt off in/at pools because he’s so insecure about his weight that he’s crying because he wants to look like me.”

Griffith told the social media user it wasn’t reasonable for Kaiser to lift weights with him at the gym because he was too young.

“Fifth, I said he.just.tuned. ? Gymnastics, sports and activity are the best ways to stay fit and healthy for your age. WHAT HE DOES ALWAYS!!!” Griffith wrote.

“Be a gym Freak ‘…yeah, kids shouldn’t be carrying life weights until about 13-14 as it’s counterproductive and can potentially cause health issues,” he continued. “Also, 99% of gyms do not allow children into the machine areas until they are 12-13 years old, even if they are supervised. Little did you know.”

In the post’s caption, Griffith told Kaiser he was “perfect.”

“Emperor, mate… I hate to say this, but you’re going to have people like that your whole life,” he said, referring to the body shamer.

“The people who think they deserve more, the people who think they are better, the people who don’t have a loving father, the people who are jealous, the people with dark souls and many more people, who are bitter. I love you Kai Kai and I think you are #perfect!” he finished.

Evans didn’t immediately respond to the social media user’s comment about her son’s body.

Evans and Griffith began dating in 2013 after meeting on Tinder. Kaiser was born the following year, in June 2014. The couple tried to make things work but finally gave up in August 2015.

The following month, Evans linked up with her husband David Eason. They exchanged vows in September 2017.

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