Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Nasty’: James Corden raises eyebrows after revealing he ONLY washes his hair every two months

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Corden explained, “I’ll be in and out in three or four minutes. I use soap but I don’t wash my hair. I wash it every two months. This is a true story’

James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show, explained that during a discussion about bathroom habits, he barely washes his hair every two months. Corden, who is leaving the popular CBS show next year, spoke about how Los Angeles residents are being forced to cut back on shower time as he revealed some of his own cleaning secrets.

Corden, 43, said on the show, which he has hosted since 2015, that his showers could be completed in under five minutes. Corden explained, “I’m in and out in three or four minutes. I use soap, but I don’t wash my hair. I wash it every two months. That’s a true story. I don’t think we’re evil.”


The Gavin and Stacey star was surprised to discover that the average shower time in Los Angeles is 10 minutes. Corden exclaimed, “You’re kidding… what? If that’s the average, does that mean people are there for 20 minutes? Oh my god!” When one of the members of the production crew mentioned that she takes a ten minute shower, Corden replied, “What are you doing for ten minutes? How long does it take? I’m trying to think what I would do there for ten minutes!”

Many Twitter users couldn’t help but voice their thoughts. “Stay away from me,” one user said, while another wrote, “He says he only has 5 minutes showers.”

This other user wrote, “Another reason to turn off the TV,” while the logic behind this was added by another user, who wrote, “Maybe his hair and makeup people wash it for him for the show, so he does.” it only so often?”

Another user, who didn’t feel the need to share this insight with the public, wrote, “I think his lack of attention to personal hygiene is evident without needing to be projected.”

Apart from that, the Late Late Show host has his sights set on the next guest for his show’s most famous segment, Carpool Karaoke. When asked how he would persuade global superstar Beyoncé to take him for a spin, Corden laughed and said, “It’s up to her. I don’t think Beyoncé is telling anyone what to do!”

Corden has lost an amazing six stone since his heaviest weight of 21 stones, and he recently shared his weight loss techniques, which included intermittent fasting and not eating before noon. The actor confessed that he sometimes just ate an apple that day and spent “most mornings” with a boxing trainer.

“I try to eat healthy and not deprive myself,” Corden told the Sun of his diet. “The idea of ​​going on a diet is all that’s wrong because eventually you’ll come back. It’s like dry January — it’s brilliant if you abstain from alcohol in January, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking, ‘Well, I’m going to have a drink in February.'”

“You don’t have to cut anything,” Corden, a WW [previously Weight Watchers] Ambassador said. “It’s just about being aware of what you’re putting into your body and trying not to eat things that have too many ingredients in them.”

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