Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Naomi Judd ‘tricked’ ex-husband Michael Ciminella into marriage by falsely claiming Wynonna was his daughter

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE: The late country queen’s first husband Naomi Judd reportedly claimed she enticed him into marriage by claiming she was pregnant with his child. Michael Ciminella confirmed that Wynonna, who came into this world shortly after he and Naomi tied the knot in 1964, was not his biological daughter.

Ciminella revealed that Wynonna Judd was actually fathered by one of Naomi’s high school classmates, Charles Jordan. He admitted he had sex with her as a teenager, but was unaware that she had also slept with Jordan. The paternity scandal was reportedly swept under the rug for decades, but was evident in the complicated relationship Naomi had with her singing partner daughter.


Naomi Judd has been mentally struggling with the pressure of preparing for Judd’s Farewell Tour with daughter Wynonna

According to Radar Online, the mystery began to unravel when Naomi’s former lover, Terry Steele, revealed how she had told him Wynonna wasn’t Ciminella’s child but that she ended up telling her daughter who her real father was. According to Ciminella, Wynonna confronted her mother about the web of lies. “Her mother told her she was afraid she would throw her out of the storyline,” he claimed. The ex reportedly said he only spoke out because Naomi portrayed him in a bad light in her bio, Love Can Build a Bridge. He added: “Naomi has spent her career saying what a terrible person I was, when in fact she’s the one who didn’t do what is, quote, right. She made me take rap for something I didn’t do. I was lied to and ridiculed in my hometown.” Charles Jordan later revealed that he hoped to meet his birth daughter one day, but only if she wanted to. The story was corroborated by the family’s publicist, who said Naomi had not denied that Jordan was Wynonna’s real father.

Latestpagenews previously reported how Naomi left a gruesome suicide note for Wynonna before ending her own life in April 2022. The worried singer scribbled on a post-it pad: “Don’t let Wy come to my funeral. She’s mentally ill,” she underscored the word “not.”

A family source told Radar Online that Wynonna still attended her mother’s funeral. “Naomi has suffered from mental illness and suicidal thoughts for years, and Wynonna suffered right along with her,” the source told the outlet. “They toured the world and became music superstars as The Judds, but that also led to a lot of conflict.” The insider insisted Wynonna “just has to keep believing that her mother didn’t mean what she wrote.” .

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