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My Feet Are Killing Me Season 4: Dr. Sarah Haller helps Kim, who has “hobbit feet”.

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Kim contacts Dr. Sarah Haller on correcting her crossed toes as she no longer wants to be tied to a seat

In the latest episode of Season 4 of My Feet Are Killing Me, Kim describes the pain in her foot as “throwing” and “burning” and expresses her desire to play with her 11-year-old granddaughter, Taylor. Kim says she has struggled with the affliction for nearly two decades and has striven to be involved in her family’s life. She turns to Dr. Sarah for help correcting her crossed toes. She admits she no longer wants to be tied to one seat.

Kim, a woman suffering from excruciating pain in her feet, seeks relief from Dr. Sarah Haller for help. She travels to New Jersey to ease the agony of walking on pins and needles and to spend more time with her grandchild.


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Kim refers to her condition as “hobbit feet” and describes her ordeal of experiencing “shooting pains.” She had previously sought medical help but received no help. She said she took to stepping on the side of her foot to minimize skin contact with the top of the shoe because it hurt. dr Sarah, a former dancer, understands Kim’s fear as it is like putting your feet in a tight, sharp shoe that will eventually damage the wearer’s feet. Kim’s damaged toes made Dr. Sarah immediately realized how much she suffered. The doctor said Kim’s condition appears to be not only uncomfortable but also abnormal.

Kim revealed that she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis (chronic joint destruction), which predisposes a person to various types of dislocations. The joints get out of whack and go somewhere they shouldn’t be in the state. dr Sarah understands that there is something underneath that needs to be uncovered. She has cut out her job for herself but makes sure to treat Kim as best as she can as the patient has been in the greatest agony of her life for the past five years.

dr After the examination, Sarah described the foot as one of the “lucky symbols”. She said that you can see through the socks that the toes are completely in the wrong place. Kim’s foot had twists and bumps all over it, which Dr. Sarah compared to “garlic knot”. Viewers had a range of reactions to the episode. A viewer on social media compared Kim’s feet to the crossed fingers emoji, writing, “I see #MyFeetAreKillingMe and these lady toes are so crossed.”

Another fan tweeted: “#Myfeetarekillingme This lady twisted her feet…literally!”

One fan joked that Kim’s toes looked like those of a person throwing gang signs. The tweet read, “Seeing #myfeetarekillingme and those lady toes throwing up real gang signs and I…”

Because the condition was so serious, Dr. Sarah very amazed at how Kim had walked. Her feet are a mess because of her rheumatoid arthritis, which has completely damaged her ankles. Due to the shifting of the bones, the toes are now crossed over each other. dr Sarah intends to use screws and plates to put them back in place. She suggests surgery to properly straighten Kim’s big toe, which she accepts. During this one procedure, she treats every bone in front of Kim’s foot. It changes the position of the bone and the appearance of the real joint, which can be confusing.

dr Sarah intends to extract parts of these bones and straighten all of the toes during the difficult procedure. Kim’s arthritis had damaged most of her cartilage, causing it to fall off repeatedly during the procedure. dr Sarah shaved off the remaining cartilage as the toe was not aligned with the bone behind it. The doctor removes just the right amount of bone to straighten it. However, she struggled with the second bone near the sole of her foot that Dr. Brad then removed it with a McGlamary, a multi-purpose surgical device.

dr Sarah tells Kim she can walk pain free after the current, deteriorating bones are removed and the correct screws put in. She fixes the toes with some wires to keep them straight. After 6 weeks the wire is removed. Three months after massive reconstruction, Kim returns to Dr. Sarah back. Although Kim’s foot had tiny scars, Dr. Sarah told her that over time they would disappear.

Tune in to TLC next week at 9 p.m. to catch the final episode of Season 4, My Feet are Killing Me.

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