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My Feet Are Killing Me Season 4: Dr. Brad Schaeffer impresses fans with scarless tumor removal

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April is able to walk comfortably in her boots after Dr. Schaeffer helped her get rid of the tumor on her toe

dr Brad Schaeffer admits that he finds feet “cool and sometimes sexy,” but there are times when he has to see patients with unusual ailments. dr Brad stunned viewers with his procedure on Wednesday’s episode of “My Feet Are Killing Me” as it left no scar on his patient’s toe.

In the latest episode of My Feet Are Killing Me, Dr. Brad approached by April who has a bump on the bottom of her big toe. The woman reports feeling like “a freak” after years of developing this lump on her foot without knowing what it was. Longer shifts had made walking difficult for her as her entire foot throbbed all the time. Frustrated by the weight of her anxiety, April and her mother Joann traveled to Dr. Brad to get rid of her forever.


April admitted she put off getting her foot treated because she was too busy becoming a mother, but she has now decided to get her life back on track. Although she wished Dr. Brad would just cut it off, she prayed it wasn’t a tumor. April told the doctor that she initially thought the growth on her skin was a wart that had taken on a life of its own and started growing and wrapping around the side of her toe. She finally wished for a confirmed diagnosis from Dr. Brad because she couldn’t work long hours in that situation. He noticed how the mass just erupted out of the toe and wrapped itself around her big toe, creating the appearance of a sixth toe.

While the episode was airing, Dr. Brad took her to his official Twitter account to share some information about related incidents. His tweet read: “Growths on the body ALWAYS need to be checked out by a doctor! I love finding out the SECRET! @TLC #MyFeetAreKillingMe.”

dr Brad immediately ruled out warts as he had never seen a wart surrounding a toe like this. He was poking around to check for complaints, which April confirmed. dr Brad explained that when examining masses on the feet, if it’s solid and hard, it’s a sure sign it’s serious. The actual blood flow in April’s situation supplied the mass with blood and soft tissue. He pointed out that there is almost a stalk connecting growth from bottom to bottom. He eventually diagnosed a soft-tissue tumor but admitted he wanted to rule out malignancy by sending it for a biopsy. dr Brad said when a person has a tumor, the source is like a little stalk, and that’s what April had, a stalk extending from the bottom of her toe and wrapping into the mass with little vessels around the side. He suggested April have surgery to remove her “sixth toe.” April decided without hesitation to “kill the beast” and undergo the procedure. Fans were amused by the patient’s and her mother’s reaction when they heard about the stalk. One tweet read: “@TLC “A stalk”. @Doctor_Haller @DrBradleyDPM I love the expression of the person behind it!! #MyFeetAreKillingMe Exactly my expression!!”

Another shared his excitement that Dr. Brad was able to get rid of the tumor when he tweeted: “Alright @DrBradleyDPM and April let’s kill the beast. #MyFeetAreKillingMe.”

dr Brad had April operated on to offer her the gift of a “pain-free foot” after 12 years of dealing with it. dr Brad worked with Dr. Sarah Haller together to remove the crowd. The doctor’s biggest problem was determining what was causing the growth and how far he had to go to remove it. First he determined the region in which he wanted to make the cut. He expressed his intent to address the folds of skin on her toe because he didn’t want her to strain her toe and tear the stitches. Doctors located the stalk and where the mass was nourished after the incision. He made sure to get down to the base of the stalk to determine what was causing the growth, then removed it entirely. Doctors discovered a small larva-like creature that squirted out when the stalk was removed. He carefully removed the pouch without trying to tear it and sent it off for a biopsy.

Next we saw April walking in her new boots, which she hadn’t been able to wear in over 10 years when she met Dr. Brad for her four-week follow-up session. The final revelation showed how quickly her toe healed without leaving a single scar.

Fans were equally amazed at the fact that the procedure left no scars. One fan wrote: “Wow @DrBradleyDPM not even a scar on her toe! #MyFeetAreKillingMe.”

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