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My Feet Are Killing Me Season 4: Dr. Brad avoids numbing shots for his trypanophobic patient, Karen

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dr Brad is concerned about how deep his patient’s cornea runs, since in her situation it can occasionally reach the point where it touches bone

dr Brad is concerned about how deep his patient’s cornea runs, since in her situation it can occasionally reach the point where it touches bone. The patient states that she has not seen a podiatrist in 15 years, which she is quite upset about. When the cornea is pressed, it hurts. Karen sees Dr. Brad with her grandson Michael in hopes of permanent therapy that doesn’t require injections.

Karen, the new patient of Dr. Brad Schaeffer, has unusual feet with extremely long toenails and a strange looking callus on the heel area. She approaches him with the intention of permanently removing the callus without numbing injections.


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Karen can’t walk because her toes are like claws. In addition to being thick, Karen’s toenails curve around the tips of her toes, resembling claws or claws. When she first met Dr. Arrived at Brad’s clinic, her left foot was quite prominent. Though she has awkward claw-like nails, the calluses on the soles of her feet are most bizarre. dr Brad sees that the cornea is extraordinarily thick, like tree stumps, but when Dr. Brad pushes to examine them, there is no discomfort around the toes. First, the doctor notices that she has unusually thick toenails with fungus, which he wants to remove on the first day.

dr Brad observes that the callus resembles a skin horn, which is a lot of keratin, which is our skin, that accumulates over time, much like the bark on a tree. She gains extremely tough skin that forms into a stick-like appearance. If left uncared for, it will eventually grow longer and cause great distress. In Karen’s case, there were tiny little corns that had been growing for years and were causing the patient too much discomfort. dr Brad decides Karen’s illness doesn’t require surgery; in other words, no numbing injections. He intends to trim the nails and then remove the skin horn by gently shaving it off.

dr Brad notes that not every procedure requires numbing injections; For Karen, he intends to take his time and move slowly through the cornea so he doesn’t have to use a needle on her. He soaks it briefly to keep it moist while he works on the fungal nail. He jumped straight into the skin horn after the nails and heeded Karen’s warning to Dr. Brad, don’t dig too deep. dr Brad continues to peel off every layer of Karen’s skin horn, which has proven to be a difficult task for him.

dr Brad soaked Karen’s foot and applied moisturizer before working on the callus area, but he still had to work up a sweat. as dr Brad gets to the bottom of the matter and pulls out the corn, he promises Karen that she can walk around pain free. After removing super-manageable toenails and calluses, Dr. Brad Karen to apply topical antifungal cream daily after showering for better results. He also advised her to shave off the callus with a pumice stone to ensure it stays in place.

Viewers of the show thoroughly enjoyed seeing Karen and her grandson Michael in the final episode, as they tweeted, “This elderly lady Karen and her grandson Mike on #MyFeetareKillingMe are so great to see @DrBradleyDPM.” While some others Fans feel that she should take better care of her feet lest she end up in Dr. Brad’s office has to return just to thank Jesus. They wrote: “I think this is American Gospel Search for Miss Karen. Follow the prompts so you don’t have to go back and praise Jesus at the doctor’s office. #MyFeetAreKillingMe.”

Another fan who didn’t like the idea of ​​Karen continuing to praise Jesus while Dr. Brad did all the work. They shared their views on the matter: “Jesus doesn’t care about your feet, Miss Karen. Stop praising them when it’s a trained podiatrist trying to help you without using needles. Thank you Jesus for bringing @DrBradleyDPM into your life and removing that horn #MyFeetAreKillingMe” A curious fan took to Twitter to ask Dr. Asking Brad about the monstrous callus on Karen’s foot. The tweet read: “@DrBradleyDPM you need more Karen on your show!! She was AWESOME! And hell, that hole was deep. How long does it take for a hole like this to heal? #thankyoujesus #lordisonyourside #myfeetarekillingme.” One fan went on to liken the callus on Karen’t’s foot to a hole. They tweeted, “Karen’s foot looks like it has a sinkhole at the bottom #MyFeetAreKillingMe.”

For the final episode of My Feet Are Killing Me Season 4, tune in to TLC next week, Tuesday at 9 p.m

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