Thursday, December 2, 2021

M&S Romford employees become TikTok viral stars thanks to their inimitable dance moves

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Step into the Marks & Spencer store in Romford (@mandsromford), East London, which wowed the crowd with their antics – from their pinpoint dance routines, fun lip-syncing, and promoting products through the latest trends – all during the shift. the store.

Brands and stores have done their best to engage with customers by creating fun content on TikTok – and a supermarket was a particular hit on the platform.

In January of this year, employees made their first contribution to the account. Since then, her creative videos have gained over 30,000 followers and 870,000 likes and a total of millions of views.

And her biography is inspired by the retailer’s famous tagline, which reads, “This is not just any M&S Tiktok site … it’s the M&S Romford Tiktok site.”

Going viral has certainly helped the business, as store manager Lee Spencer said Romford recorder: “Customers come into the shop and tell the staff how much they enjoy seeing the hard-working team having so much fun and showing off their dance moves.

“They also ask the trio to sign autographs for Christmas gifts for the family while they do their daily shopping.”

As their platform continues to grow and employees become local celebrities, here are some of the best TikToks from M&S Romford.

Starting with an absolute bang, we can all appreciate the catchiness of the 90s boy band classic, especially M&S Romford’s very own “The BACKSTAGE boys!”. where five members of the team synchronize their hearts with the hit.

With slow motion shots, synchronized dancing – plus staring into the distance and a few hearty chest grips – what more could you want?

ABBAs Give me! Give me! Give me! (A man after midnight) is a timeless tune that recently got a new life following the TikTok trend and also thanks to the reunion of the Swedish band.

So, of course, M&S Romford employees had to give the trend their own twist, because an employee named Sharon was passionate about synchronizing the iconic lines while dancing to a backdrop of Peppa Pig products and shortbread biscuits. In the end, she lets herself be carried away by her enthusiastic performance by two employees.

As a result, Sharon’s vibrant display received over 900,000 views and free comments like “GET THIS ICON A RAISE”.

Others wrote: “She understood the assignment”, “She is the moment” and “This is not Charity Shop Sue, but M&S ​​Mary”. You get the picture.

We can all count on the feel-good feeling to emerge on Friday, and the Romford M&S staff are able to perfectly capture the good vibes by not going wrong with some healthy dance videos.

It is impossible not to watch the videos without a smile appearing on your face.

What better way to advertise a discount on prosecco than with a hilarious relocatable meme?

Sharon is back again and this time she shares her excitement about the discount by waving her hands in the air and doing the stanky leg before bursting out with laughter.

We’re sold – get us the bubbles asap.

After getting new uniforms, the staff seemed to feel themselves by dancing to the Drakes Way 2 sexy (although they looked pretty serious as they perfected their movements).

It looks like viewers agreed when the video received 1.3 million views and over 142,000 likes, with comments like “What happens this is so funny”, “This is so unintentionally hilarious” and “IM CRYING” .

When Halloween came, M&S Romford didn’t get to play – Sharon dressed up a witch (with a raisin tooth as an extra touch) to showcase the latest Halloween products available in the store.

Then you had some of the workers lip syncing and dancing for Halloween Backstreet Boys Bop Everyone (Backstreet’s Back).

Again there was slow motion, this time of the guys demonstrating the Halloween products on offer, to be honest marketing genius.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, the Romford store will of course publish related content while the supermarket will bring out festive products.

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