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Ms. Marvel star takes action against Kevin Feige over divisive MCU complaint

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Mrs Miracle Star Iman Vellani is being praised for standing up to studio president Kevin Feige.

Feige has directed the Marvel Cinemaic Universe (MCU) and its many film and television projects since its inception iron man in 2008.

However, he appears to have found his match in 19-year-old Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan – Marvel’s first on-screen Muslim protagonist – in the new series.

After casting Pakistani-Canadian star Vellani on the series, Feige quickly realized she was a Marvel obsessive — and one who will try to take him exactly where she sees fit.

In a new interview, Vellani revealed her frustration that the latest Doctor Strange film addresses a long-standing theory regarding the world the MCU is set in.

In the sequel, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character meets America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), a superhero with the ability to travel a variety of universes filled with Marvel characters old and new.

*Spoilers to follow – you have been warned*

Strange travels the multiverse with Chavez and they end up in a world where they are imprisoned by the Illuminati, a secretive group made up of several recognizable faces.

However, before Strange faces the Illuminati, he discovers that a variant of his former lover, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), is working there. It’s this version of Palmer voicing a line that elicits an enthusiastic response from viewers around the world.

Palmer tells Strange that the universe he traveled to is known as Earth-838. She then reveals that the world of the MCU is known as 616.

Marvel Comics readers have been trying to figure out if the MCU Universe was Earth-616, which is considered the “Primary Universe”. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio previously claimed it was in Spider-Man: Far From Homebut some fans thought the character might have lied.

However, the confirmation is in Doctor Strange 2 has divided comic book readers, with some believing there are many discrepancies with how the world was translated on screen.

Others, who branded the revelation “false,” felt that the film universe should be numbered differently so that it could exist as a different world within the multiverse that the film characters might find their way to in a future film.

Vellani is one of those fans who spoke for himself at a red carpet event Mrs Miracle: “No, I mean, I want to say [the comics are] 616. I don’t think the MCU is 616. As much as Kevin Feige can have us believe it’s 616, it’s 199999.”

The actor said she even texted Feige to tell him he was wrong, to which he responded with a sad face emoji.

Many shared Vellanis quotes on Twitter, praising the actor.

“Petition to replace Kevin Feige and make Iman Vellani the new president of Marvel Studios,” one fan wrote, while another added, “She knows what’s best.”

One fan quipped, “If I were Kevin Feige I’d be worried about my job now that Iman Vellani is at Marvel.”

Mrs Miracle begins today (June 8) on Dinsey Plus and will air weekly.

The first episode featured a lot of Easter eggs, one of which included a fun detail about Vin Diesel’s Guardians of the Galaxy character Groot.

Find LatestPageNews‘s review of episode one here.

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