Wednesday, June 29, 2022

‘Movie about a white guy who stole music from blacks’: Trolls cite ‘irony’ of Eminem track in ‘Elvis’

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Some of the world’s top artists such as Doja Cat, Eminem, Jack White, Jazmine Sullivan and others will be featured on the film’s soundtrack

The ‘Elvis’ movie, starring Austin Butler, was streamed across the internet on Monday May 23 after fans were able to see the official trailer. Alongside the trailer, the cast of musicians who were featured on the soundtrack were also revealed, causing fans to get excited.

Some of the world’s best artists like Doja Cat, Eminem and Cee Lo Green, Jack White, Jazmine Sullivan, Kacey Musgraves, Les Greene, Stevie Nicks, Swae Lee, Diplo and Tame Impala, Gary Clark Jr., Alton Mason, Lenesha Randolph, Maneskin, Nardo Wick, Paravi, Pnau, Rufus Thomas, Shonka Dukureh and Yola will be featured on the soundtrack. While the majority of music lovers were delighted with the list, some were shocked and upset to see rap icon Eminem starring in a film about the life of a rock ‘n’ roll legend.

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Eminem took to Instagram on Monday, May 23 to share a snippet of his song from the movie The King and I, which also stars legendary musician CeeLo Green. Social media users quickly called up the feature of the Oscar-winning rapper, who recalled attacking Elvis Presley on his hit single “Without Me,” while also impersonating him in the music video.

In the 2002 song, Eminem raps, “Though I’m not the first king of controversy/ I’m the worst thing since Elvis Presley/ making black music so selfishly/ and using it to make myself rich.” In 2009, Eminem apparently had a change of heart as he praised the late icon and appreciation for Presley as a dancer after attempting to imitate “jailhouse rock.” In an interview with Metro Times, Eminem explained, “I’ve never really been an Elvis fan. But I’ll tell you one thing. One respect I have for this guy was that… Well, obviously he was a great artist, but I’ve never really been into his music.” He added, “I’ll tell you something — that motherfu** ker could dance!” Finally: “When I was trying to learn that ‘Jailhouse Rock’ s*** [for the ‘Without Me’ video]I was like ‘man, this friggin’ guy can dance!!’”

In response to Eminem being featured on the “Elvis” soundtrack, one said. “All the crap Eminem talked about Elvis now he wants out of the movie’s soundtrack.” Another shared, “Packing modern music into a retro biopic is so unimmersive. Just look at The Great Gatsby.” The next wrote, “Ironic that Eminem is on a soundtrack about a white guy who stole music from black guys.”

Meanwhile, one person tweeted: “What the heck are Eminem and Cee Lo doing an Elvis soundtrack? Cut what brilliant multiverse are we living in??!?!” Another shared, “I like it when people get mad that Eminem’s music is the same because it’s like they get mad Weird Al because they only do parodies. You listen to Eminem it’s gonna be Eminem songs lmao.” One asked, “How are you going to fit an Eminem song into an Elvis biopic?” while another concluded, “Mmm everyone would think Elvis if preparing for a performance, would hear Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” adding a laughing emoticon at the end.

“How do you plan to put an Eminem song in an Elvis biopic?”

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