Wednesday, September 21, 2022

More women are speaking out in the Adam Levine affair drama

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The drama starring former Voice coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is getting more women speaking out after an Instagram model accused the married singer of having a year-long affair with her.

Here’s what you need to know:

It all started with Instagram model Sumner telling Stroh that she and Levine had a year-long affair, then he came back into her life months after the end and asked her if he could name his unborn son “Sumner.” Stroh made two TikTok videos of the entire ordeal and said she wanted to get ahead of the story because someone in her life she thought she trusted was trying to sell her screenshots to a tabloid.

Now, following Stroh’s allegations, a comedian named Maryka and a woman named Alyson Rosef have also posted messages they say are from Levine, saying he’s flirting with them in a sexual way.

Maryka’s messages were posted to a now-deleted Instagram story, but Dana Omari, a friend of Stroh’s, recorded them and put them in an Instagram roll.

On her Instagram post, Omari writes:

The screenshot messages include things like flirtatious DMs and also what Levine allegedly tells Maryka that his marriage is “complicated” and he “might get away with it.”

An exchange is:

“Never apologize for being human.”
“Ahaha, but I haven’t. I will definitely take some time off from IG though.”
“Haha. Distract yourself by fucking with me! Haha.”

Another exchange says:

“I’m obsessed with you now.”
“Dude, aren’t you like married lol”
“Yes, but it’s a bit complicated. Stuff gets hard and the vid thing didn’t help. I could escape.”

Another message reads:

“Seeing your ass shaking on that table will scare me forever but other than that I’m great. F***kkkkkk. I would do anything for that. … I would buy a steak for dinner and whisper sweet things into it.”

Omari says in the video, “I’m sorry, these women can’t destroy his house because it’s already destroyed.”

A second woman named Alyson Rosef posted a now-deleted TikTok video of her messages and said in the comments section that Levine “crossed the line” by calling her hot and asking her for photos. A TikTok user named RiRi’s Tea captured the video and comments before Rosef deleted the video, and a Twitter user took a screenshot of the video showing a message where Levine wrote, “I have 2 kids now am me over it. I want out, it sucks now. ‘ although it sounds like he means Los Angeles based on her previous message that prompted this response. Rosef also said in the video that they never met in person.

Another woman reported DMs to her 17-year-old friend from 2018 or 2019, who she says is also from Levine. The video will also be posted on RiRi’s Tea. The messages are slightly flirty, but nothing overtly sexual.

Levine, who has been married to model Behati Prinsloo since 2014 and with whom he shares two daughters with a third child, responded in an Instagram story that he has ever cheated.

Levin wrote:

Stroh, the original woman who accused Levine of having an affair with her, didn’t respond directly, but shortly after he made that statement, she posted an Instagram story that simply read, “Somebody get this man a dictionary.”

In her TikTok videos, Stroh also said that Levine told her his marriage was over, which is why she got engaged to him.

And in Omari’s Instagram Stories, she defended Stroh, saying she was a “good person” who made a mistake.

Omari wrote:

She also wrote: “[Sumner] actually told me about it ages ago… Adam Levine is a scammer. … Adam is the housebreaker. Not Sumner, nobody else. He has cheated on many other women. He does not care. He lies about his marriage to these women.”

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