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Monica Lewinsky BANGED for asking Beyonce to remove her name from ‘Partition’ amid the Ableist Slur mayhem

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“He popped all my buttons, and he ripped mybluse/He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown,” Beyonce sings on the R&B track

Beyonce has been in a non-harmful storm since the July 29 release of her seventh solo album, Renaissance. A day later, Monica Lewinsky asked Queen Bey to change a line mentioning her scandalous affair with Bill Clinton in the 2013 song “Partition.”

Beyonce’s lyrics on the song read, “Oh I’m so horny yeah he wants to fuck/He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse/He messed around with Monica Lewinsky on my dress,” according to social media users have slammed the former White House intern for taking Beyonce with him. For the uninitiated, former President Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with Lewinsky while she was working in the White House in 1995 and 1996. The affair and Clinton’s impeachment later became known as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

Bill Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky: Sperm Stains, THAT Cigar, and a Scandal to Last

Monica Lewinsky wanted a scene in Impeachment where she shows Bill Clinton her thong

Monica Lewinsky indirectly shared an article about Beyonce changing the lyrics of the single “Heated” that since the Grammy-winner changed the lyrics, she should do the same for “Partition.” “um, while we’re on the subject… #Partition,” the 49-year-old TV personality tweeted. Responding to a fan who shared a screenshot of her Twitter profile with the caption “rap-song-muse,” she replied, “Yup… that’s how I deal with things that hurt/disappoint – I’m trying to find the humor in it . (I was a Beyoncé fan until the breakup) but this isn’t the first time I’ve spoken out about it.”

Another fan shared a screenshot of Monica Lewinsky’s 2014 article in Vanity Fair suggesting a word change. In the article, she reportedly said, “Miley Cyrus references me in her twerking stage act, Eminem raps about me, and Beyoncé’s latest hit gives me a kudos. Thanks, Beyoncé, but when we put it verbally, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton has it all on my dress,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky.'”

Monica Lewinsky calls out to Beyoncé for “Partition” lyrics

Social media users flocked to Twitter over the controversy, with one of the users saying, “She’s not known for the depth of her writing.”

Another chimed in: “I was wondering how you felt about that particular text… and now I know. Interesting how this line can symbolize a moment of empowerment for her and trigger a difficult memory for you. We move through life so quickly that we often forget that real people are involved in the things we say and do.”

The next tweeted: “I feel like you can tell Monica Lewinsky to stumble across Beyonce’s lyrics without the bitch shaming her and dismissing the fact that she was exploited by an older man in a position of power. She’s enforcing it, but you’re all enforcing it too hard because what happened wasn’t their fault.”

Another wrote: “Am I crazy? Monica Lewinsky asks Beyoncé to remove lyrics from her song. Am I crazy or did she do what Beyoncé said? We live in a world where you think it’s okay to sleep with the married president and gain sympathy for it. Am I crazy or is this weird?”

One user shared: “It’s also interesting that you didn’t address the use of your name until a black woman used it. Research shows Eminem used her name on three different songs, but it’s Beyoncé who has to change her lyrics.

And one concluded, “Monica Lewinsky has consistently disliked that Beyoncé line, and she’s right. And it doesn’t even make sense in the song because it’s supposed to be “He Bill Clinton all over my gown,” but it’s easier to punch down a woman than it is to target a former president who abused his power.”

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