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“Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space” Episode 5: Is Tokyo Dead? An assassination changes everything

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The police team did the unthinkable and ordered one of their men to assassinate one of the heist team members

Things are getting intense now and the penultimate episode of Part One will play a major role in how the story will progress. The heist grows more desperate as the joint task force tries to figure out a way to capture the professor. Episode 5 begins with Seon talking to Sunho (aka Professor) about her personal life. After the conversation is over, they have sex.

Things get problematic for Seon, however, as Captain Cha learns that the heist team wanted Seon as their lead negotiator, and he begins to wonder if she is a traitor. Once the above information is known, Cha is pressured into using Park, the police officer who stayed at the mint, to neutralize the threat and bring down the heist. Cha orders his agent to kill the professor and end the heist.

Contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.


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On the other hand, he keeps another team on standby and tells them to kill the raid team once the professor is dead. However, he tells them to keep everything secret because they have a traitor under them and relate to Seon. Meanwhile, in the coin, the heist team lets everyone know that Yoon is still alive and the hostages are really happy to see her. Nairobi lets everyone know they don’t want to hurt anyone and Tokyo is now the new leader because the professor decided to keep Berlin off the mission for some time.

Back at the tent, Seon calls Professor and this time they talk about food, suggesting that the people of the Mint need food. She says the food is given to them to win back his trust. However, one of her colleagues is dissatisfied with the way she is handling everything and scolds her.

Meanwhile, in the mint, the agent has found Anne, the US ambassador’s daughter, among the hostages and is asking about the professor. She tells the agent that she doesn’t know anything about the professor’s identity, but she will help him find out.

Outside the coin, Seon realizes that Professor is not in the coin due to the conversation she just had with him. Cha’s phone is bugged and while he’s not sure, he agrees to track down a suspicious car they found on CCTV that may be linked to the heist team. The professor calls Olso and asks if he dumped the car they used as part of their heist planning. It is clear that the vehicle car has not been properly treated.

To learn about the professor, the agent in the mint captures Denver to get all the information. Cho and the agent interrogate Denver while Cho is convinced Tokyo is the professor. When the interrogation is over, the cop sets off the fire alarms and Rio has no idea why they’re on.

Once the situation worsens, Rio sees Berlin and realizes he is having a seizure. However, it turns out he was bluffing and chokes him. Meanwhile, Cho beats the shit out of Denver for being tied up. At that time, Yoon arrives and saves Denver from Cho. Believing that she and Denver are having an affair, Cho tries to hit Denver with a sharp tool. But Denver manages to kick him and get out of the situation.
In the closing moments of the penultimate episode, Tokyo falls into a trap set by the cop and when it seemed Tokyo was dead, Denver comes and tells her they need to call the professor. We hear a gunshot and Captain Cha learns that the professor is not in the coin.

Things are getting intense now and the final episode of Part 1 is sure to keep the tension high.

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