Monday, November 29, 2021

Mom faces a festive drama after her child “spoils the magic of Christmas” by telling friends that Santa Claus isn’t real

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A mother got caught in a festive pickle after her child allegedly told another child that Santa Claus is fake.

In a post on Parents’ Forum Mumsnet, the mother stated that her child was accused of divulging the information to friends, which led to one telling a younger sibling who “cried about it”. She said:

“Our children are 9 and at school they discussed with some of them whether Santa Claus is real.

“I got a very stupid message from a parent who apparently pointed out that my kid spilled the beans and then spoiled the ‘magic of Christmas’ their kid who also told their younger siblings who cried over it.

“Parents had to spend a lot of time reassuring the children that Santa Claus was real and asked that I ask my child not to talk about it at school.

The mother said that her child was “burned out” when they found out that they had upset the other children, but that she was “stunned” by how the other parents had reacted.

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She continued, “My child heard about Santa Claus from his older siblings and wasn’t too bothered by it. I’ve said before that they shouldn’t talk to their friends about it, and when I asked them about this conversation, my child was totally discouraged about pissing others off.

“How should I react, if at all? I don’t want to argue with them, but I’m stunned that they addressed me with it, to be honest. “

In response to the drama, some people defended the mother.

“Your child has been told not to say anything, but is upset that they caused a stir. Adults are not perfect, children are certainly not, so it should be the end, ”said one.

Another wrote: “I couldn’t take these people seriously and would avoid them like the plague. Hopefully your children will drift away from friendship because the children will surely become like their parents. “

But others said she should apologize:

“To be honest, I would just say that I’m sorry that happened. I talked to him about not doing that again, ”said one.

And another said: “Personally, I would apologize on behalf of my child, Santa Claus is such a sensitive area with parents trying to keep the magic going when there are younger siblings, unfortunately your child has been the bearer of such news . “

What a nightmare.

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