Sunday, January 16, 2022

Mom embarrasses son at birthday dinner by bringing her own food to the restaurant

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He said they “have no need to save money,” but she’s being frugal anyway, and it’s starting to embarrass her kids.

A man has described how his wife embarrassed her son by taking her own food to a restaurant to save money.

He wrote: “She will be buying meals to take to the restaurant to be microwaved. We’ve gotten looks before and it’s always been turned down. It causes her to make a fuss and be told to leave. I told her she had to stop, and that was when we went out.”

On his son’s 12th birthday it was all too much for him. “I have requested that my wife not bring any of her meals to the restaurant,” he wrote.

“We arrived at the restaurant and sat down at the table. My wife gets up to go to the bathroom and we order our drinks. When the drinks come we give the waiter what we want to eat and my wife orders a small salad. The waiter comes back with a meal and says, “Ma’am, we can’t heat this for you.”

“I see that my son and daughter both look embarrassed and I apologize to the waiter. My wife spends the rest of dinner in silence and would not touch the salad she ordered.

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“When the evening was over and we got home, my wife and I started arguing about the evening. I told her she was wrong for bringing a meal when I asked her not to. She started arguing that eating out was a waste. I then said, “Well, you’ve embarrassed everyone, including our children.” She asked me to leave the bedroom and I’m staying in the guest room now.”

In response to the story, people thought something must be going on.

One wrote: “I would suggest you examine your finances in detail as soon as possible. Something makes your wife act like this. First look at the external causes.”

Another said: “Examine her finances and why she’s been being so weird with money lately. It is not normal to take your own food to restaurants.”

And the man later reflected on the incident, writing: “I feel like I could be the AH for telling my wife she embarrassed everyone during my son’s birthday dinner. My wife is now upset and tells me to leave the bedroom. I feel like I overreacted and could have reacted differently. My kids are very upset and don’t want to go out to dinner with their mother anymore.”

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