Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Miranda Lambert says LGBTQ advocacy has ‘always been part’ of her ‘story’ see: ‘All kinds of kinds’

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In 2021, Miranda Lambert created an original song for the Netflix series strange eye entitled “Y’all Means All”. In an interview with People Magazine, the country music singer shared that she wants to be more involved with the LGBTQ community, though supporting the community has “always been part” of her “journey” and “story.”

In June, Lambert was interviewed by People Magazine about her personal life and career. During the interview, Lambert spoke about her goals and revealed that she would like to do more for the LGBTQ community after her job strange eye.

“I have to write a song for Netflix called ‘Y’all Means All’ strange eye that I loved, so there are probably more of them on my list. The assignment to write for this particular cause was really fun and challenging,” Lambert told People magazine.

She continued, “The LGBTQ community is so important to me and I would have spoken louder about it if I had known I could do better before I was as loud as I was.”

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Speaking to People Magazine, Lambert shared that her song “All Kinds of Kinds” reflects how inclusive she feels and how she wants to move forward.

“But I had a song called ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ a long time ago. I mean, it’s always been part of my journey and my story,” Lambert said.

The country music singer then shared that she always cares about the LGBTQ community because of her brother and his husband.

“And because my brother and his husband taught me so much about what’s cool and what’s not. And teach me more about people. I mean, “All Kinds of Kinds” in general is the way we’re supposed to be living,” Lambert said.

Lambert originally released “All Kinds of Kinds” on her 2011 album Four the recordand it was later released as a single in 2013.

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In April, Lambert was interviewed by Esquire. In the interview, Lambert shared that her brother and brother-in-law encouraged her to speak more openly about social issues.

“I don’t usually do politics at all,” Lambert said in an interview. “My brother and his husband and their group of friends really taught me a lot.”

Speaking to Esquire, Lambert shared that she wants to “be part of a good change” when it comes to supporting minorities.

“We’re from a small town in East Texas, so they’re teaching me to see the world differently and use my language appropriately. And it’s made me realize that I need to speak up when I can — I’m definitely so much happier now that I’m talking about it more, trying to learn and trying to help in any way I can and to be a part of one good change,” Lambert said.

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