Monday, June 27, 2022

Mirae’s Khael innocent of bullying as accuser apologizes, fans say ‘we need jail time’

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The classmate who blamed the K-pop idol shared they felt “entitled” after seeing Khael on TV

It turns out the sudden school bullying rumors by K-pop idols in early 2021 were really a systematic attack by antis and trolls. We have yet another idol, Miraes Khael, who was attacked and announced that he had been acquitted and that the alleged victim fabricated the allegations. As early as 2021, alleged victims had spoken out against several idols such as Seventeen’s Mingyu, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, April’s Naeun and others. Luckily, they all turned out to be wrong.

One of the idols who was also targeted was Khael of then-pre-debut group Mirae. They were supposed to debut on March 17, 2021, but a post went viral on March 3. The kneadist, who created the 2019 post, shared that Khael was a school bully and beat up his classmates, provoked them and started fights. Apparently he also smoked, drank and made lewd remarks. The post originally came about while he was taking part in the K-pop survival show Under Nineteen, and returned to the spotlight as he set to make his debut in 2021.

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Finally, a year later in May, Khael’s name appears to have been finally cleared. Mirae fans were finally rejoiced when his label, DSP Media, announced the K-pop idol was innocent. They said that immediately after the rumors resurfaced, testimonies came in from his acquaintances that he was innocent. In addition, school records proved the rumors to be false, prompting DSP to take legal action against the accuser.

Because school bullying is extremely violent in South Korea, the slightest rumor has the general public dropping a celebrity. DSP said the prosecutor had spread false rumors out of a “feeling of justice”. The accuser also apologized personally: “What I wrote on February 2, 2019 were all my lies and false statements that were not true.” The user shared that he lied after seeing Khael on TV survival show Under Nineteen and was jealous. And even though they went to the same school, all the rumors were false.

The user shared that they were considering their actions and apologized for hurting Khael and Mirae’s fans with the rumours. They added, “The fact that while looking at the comments on this post, I have caused suffering and harm to those around me because of the sins I have committed is unforgivable.”

The accuser apologizes to Miraes Khael

One added: “I don’t understand why people accuse other people of doing something like this when they know it’s not true. They probably want to feel better about themselves and have the power to ruin someone. Ruining someone else’s life when they’re innocent is just cruel and pathetic.” Another fan wrote, “It took you years to finally work up the courage to apologize for your wrongdoing. Imagine the mental damage it caused him for blaming and spreading rumors about something he didn’t do. khael has endured so much over the past few years and i am so proud of him.”

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