Saturday, June 25, 2022

Michele Dauber: Stanford law professor slammed for mocking Camille Vasquez as ‘desperate’

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“Of all women dedicated to male power, female lawyers are the absolute worst,” tweeted Michele Dauber

Michele Dauber, a Stanford law professor, was slammed for mocking Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez. Dauber accused Vasquez of “bowing to male power” and being “desperate” in a couple of scathing tweets.

“In a society that deprives women of real power, some women have learned to seek male approval in the hope that they will not be raped, abused, or humiliated. Seizing the Force may feel good to you, but it won’t work. She’ll be next,” Dauber, who is open to Amber Heard, tweeted on March 2.


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Along with a screenshot of Vasquez, Dauber wrote: “Of all women who indulge in male power, female lawyers are the absolute worst of the bunch. Desperate to prove they are ‘real lawyers’ and understand that being a woman undermines their identity as lawyers, they throw women under the bus as hard and as fast as they can.” Vasquez was arrested during the week-long defamation trial between Depp and Heard, decided in favor of Depp, became an internet sensation.

Clips of the star attorney grilling Heard on the witness stand after the actress’ testimony went viral on social media. From fan art and video edits to thank you messages, Vasquez has been a huge hit across the internet. Meanwhile, netizens were quick to slam Dauber, calling out her comments against the attorney. One user wrote: “I see a certain jealousy here for an attractive, young, powerful, strong, intelligent, talented and successful lawyer…”

Another commented: “I’m sorry Michele, I thought we understood that everyone has the right to quality legal advice. Unless you think women can’t provide quality advice. Maybe you’re complaining about that?” A third replied: “Obviously women need to get Michele’s approval before deciding who to represent. Michele is apparently the person who gets to make all the decisions for all the other women.” A fourth joked, “She can’t hear you because of her promotion.”

While one user wrote: “Your jealousy of Camille Vasquez is beyond disturbing. In fact, after reading your chronicle, I’m wondering if you’re safe around,” tweeted another, “Camille Vasquez is ten times the woman you could ever be. She is the person I want my daughter to be. I’m warning you not to be my daughter.” A third added, “It’s deep and stinks of jealousy. Miss Camille Vasquez is a rock star. An absolute legend to be studied and copied forever. She can’t help it than she’s stunningly beautiful.”

A fourth said: “How can this person with this discourse be a law professor at Stanford? Women aren’t real advocates when representing men? Has she seen Miss Vasquez in action? She was the best lawyer in the room.” A fifth added, “@Stanford your professor has an ingrained hatred of women. Another wrote: “This is a @Stanford law professor telling women that when they represent male clients they bow to male power (you know, what our Constitution guarantees that everyone is entitled to). I’m not. I’m sure I’ve never seen anything so blatantly sexist.”

One user wrote: “Imagine sitting in a @Stanford class being taught by this vile human being.” Another opined: “@mldauber sit somewhere! She did her job! #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent and his victory spoke for those afraid to speak! Stop attacking other women because you feel threatened! #CamilleVazquez is amazing!”

When one user said, “When your son is falsely accused of domestic violence, bet you would love it if this woman helped justify him,” Dauber replied, “If my son were charged with DV, he would have a lot.” more to fear than any pick-me-girl lawyer. But that’s not gonna happen because I didn’t raise a fucking rapist-wifebeater. She added, “When I say ‘I didn’t raise a rapist as a wife beater,’ I am in no way, implied or otherwise, referring to Johnny Depp. I speak of EVERY OTHER accused rapist as a wife beater as a dork. Don’t dope, don’t talk about him.”

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  1. what this lady is saying is wrong< Michele Dauber is bent and her view of this situation is also bent and what is so wrong anyway about feeling desperate to win in the courtroom or anywhere for that matter and men and women are supposed to have feelings and care for one another so grow up michelle


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