Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mia Goth opened up about having trouble fitting in as a kid: “My last name was ‘Goth'”

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Mia Goth is a talented actress making headlines. The 28-year-old, who is also a model and screenwriter, has appeared in several hit movies lately. With a brand new horror movie pearlGetting positive reviews from critics and fans alike, Goth seems primed to be Hollywood’s next big thing.

However, Goth wasn’t always seen as one of the cool kids. In a 2017 interview, she shared how she struggled to find a foothold as a young girl.

According to IMDb, Goth was born Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth in 1993. Although born in England, Goth moved several times as a young child, including to Brazil and then Canada, eventually settling in south-east London.

When Goth was 14, she caught the eye of a photographer at a music festival. She began a modeling career and appeared in several print ads over the following years.

In 2013, Goth made her film debut in the controversial flick Nymphomaniac. Two years later, she appeared in the post-apocalyptic film The Survivorfollowed by A cure for wellness one year later.

Goth’s supporting role in the 2020 romantic comedy Emma helped raise her profile. Her romance with unconventional star Shia LaBeouf helped keep her name in the headlines.

Nowadays Goth is a cutting edge actor with many exciting projects in the works. When she was a young girl, however, she struggled to fit in with her peers. In a 2017 interview with AnOther Magazine, Goth spoke about how hard she was having at school:

She also revealed that moving around caused her some problems, noting, “When I’m in Brazil, I’m not Brazilian at all; i am a gringo And when I’m in England I’m not really English, but when I lived in Canada I was considered too English. So I never really felt like I clicked anywhere or that I belonged to a place.”

Though goth is a big part of Hollywood now, she told AnOther magazine that what she enjoys most most is hanging out at home doing things like gardening and reading. “But when filming is done, I like to go home and take a week off and do nothing. Take a bath, maybe watch documentaries as I think they’re more honest than a TV,” Goth said.

Early 2022 was a pivotal time in Goth’s life as the actress welcomed her first child, a daughter named Isabel, and released the controversial horror film X. She also starred in X‘s prequel film pearlwhich premiered in September 2022.

Goth’s work in both films has earned the young star a reputation as a modern-day horror icon. Many fans are eagerly awaiting what she will come up with next. As one of the entertainment industry’s new “it girls,” there’s no doubt that goth will get people talking.

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