Monday, November 28, 2022

Megyn Kelly slams Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for being “thin skinned” about their public image

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Tom Bower, agreeing with Kelly, described Meghan as a “seductive” and “tactile” woman who was “looking for a man in England” immediately after their divorce.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Megyn Kelly has her sights set on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry while speaking about the pair with British writer Tom Bower, who is writing a novel titled ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and The War Between The Windsors’ wrote. The journalist claimed that the Sussexes are “as thin-skinned as they are when it comes to their public image, whether they matter what people write about them and whether they are adequately ‘protected’ by those around them in maintaining those images, who they think they have.”

Bower, who appeared to agree with Kelly, described Meghan as an “alluring” and “tactile” woman who was “looking for a man in England” immediately after her divorce from her first husband Trevor Engelson in 2013. The 76-year-old former BBC journalist explained that “she wanted wealth and fame” and to achieve that the ex-actress “set her sights on the Duke of Sussex”.


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While taking aim at Meghan, Kelly remarked, “She’s all about image, so I can understand why she’s so easily pissed off when it comes to bad press.” Bower added that Harry “complicates” and ” not really intelligent”. He also said the 38-year-old “remains hurt by the untimely death of his mother, [Princess] Diana. He very foolishly blames the media.”

Meanwhile, Kelly and Bower’s attack on Meghan and Harry has generated a lot of buzz online, with one user tweeting, “Megyn Kelly is spot on.” The second user remarked, “Megyn Kelly is 100% CORRECT.” The third wrote, “This one Article says everything about them. She wanted fame and fortune, both love the press and only hate it when they get beat up. Someone should tell them that no lifestyle is perfect and that they have to accept the good and the bad.” The fourth user shared, “Megyn Kelly doesn’t hold back. This payment of her contract gives her security.”

“Not a fan of Megyn Kelly but I just adore the way she trolls the #psedudoroyals, they are both so worthy of being despised and pissed off. Here’s a little visual reminder of ALL the #Harkles that were thrown away in vain and what they now covet so much. You are completely irrelevant. Forever. #Chortle,” one person said.

Another tweeted: “Everyone needs to remember that Markle and her frog Hawwy were more than happy to hurt the Queen when she was 96 grieving the love of her life but guessed now that she has passed she panicked. nope Do not forget. Disgusting scum. #MeghanMarkleispoisonous.”

One tweet noted, “Megyn Kelly rocks with the truth, she was spot on with the truth about MM, MK is awesome and just speaks the truth about this toxic couple!” Another tweet read, “I too wish they would with their carry on life, buy quietly! They’re the ones who, even though they say they want privacy, keep stealing the limelight.” “I don’t understand how people like H&M and their ilk cleanse the mind and ‘live in harmony with themselves’ by encouraging others Destroying and destroying people,” added one tweet.

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