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Meghan Trainor calls watching ‘title’ go viral ‘really the best morning of my life’

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In 2014 Meghan Trainor released her first album, title. She became a sensation with her first single “All About That Bass” and continued her doo-wop sound with “Lips Are Movin”. Originally, however, the artist wanted to release the album’s title track as a single. Then in 2021, the song became popular on TikTok in a moment she dubbed “truly the best morning of my life.”

Trainor’s music video for title which she filmed in 2014 was only included on the limited international release version of the album and was never released in the United States. But in 2021, the song got a second wind on TikTok as users identified with its candid lyrics and turned it into a dance craze. After the song went viral, Trainor shared that her music label had allowed her to cash in on it title trend through the release of the music video.

That title The video was released on December 15, 2021 and shows a 21-year-old Trainor in a glittery dress serving as a judge in a Miss America-style pageant. In this version, however, the contestants are sturdy men who preen in their dressing rooms and strut their stuff down the runway.

In one scene, Ryan Trainor, the singer’s brother, can be seen photographing the performances of competitors in the audience. After the competitors have demonstrated their skills, shaved their bodies and paraded around in Speedos, Trainor crowns the winner and steps into the spotlight arm in arm with him.

In 2021, over 4,000 videos showed everyone from moms to influencers to social media-crazy youth how to do it title This makes it one of TikTok’s most popular tracks.

On an episode of Elle’s Song Association, Trainor spoke about her popular songs over the years. Discussing what it was like to see Title go viral, the singer said, “Seeing it explode on TikTok has really been the best morning of my life, besides having my son. It felt like my birthday party and I thought they were all excited. They love me. They really do. And I owe TikTok. I love Tiktok.”

In a previous session with Allure, Trainor dissected her most iconic music videos. Speaking about “Title” going viral, the singer said, “I woke up this morning and I saw it exploded and I thought it was my birthday. That’s how it felt.”

Trainor has released new music. The 28-year-old singer has released her new album take it back, and a music video for the single “Made You Look” last month. Trainor’s new music video features her as a Hollywood star promoting her latest film. Her husband Daryl Sabara also has a cameo appearance in the video.

take it back has 16 songs. In addition to Made You Look, the album also includes Sensitive (featuring Scott Hoying), Bad for Me (featuring Teddy Swims), Breezy (featuring Theron Theron), Mama Wanna Mambo, and more.

The album marks Trainor’s first non-holiday release since January 2020 Treat yourself. In a September interview with Entertainment Weekly, Trainor detailed the ideas behind it take it back as “much more intense” than those on their previous albums. She said: “In previous albums there was a simple love song or an ‘I’ll be confident today’ song. These songs are like, “You all, I fight. This is real, but we’re all in it together. Who is with me?’ It’s just more real and raw.”

Trainor has come a long way since its debut in 2014. But she still manages to make a splash on TikTok. “Made You Look” has already gained in importance on the platform.

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