Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Review: Jeremy Renner-Starrer sheds light on the harsh prison reality

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As if life in prison wasn’t difficult, Kingstown reveals a darker side of the world behind bars.

Paramount + is burning with its latest crime series “Mayor of Kingstown” by Taylor Sheridan (“Yellowstone”) and Hugh Dillon. The thriller centers on a rather isolated place called Kingstown, where the only thriving business is being involved in the lives of the inmates there in prison. In addition, the series Jeremy Renner and Dianne Weist play leading roles as a dynamic mother-son duo.

Paramount + welcomes us to Kingstown, Michigan, an eerie city where the only business that makes it big is being behind bars. Mike (Renner) works as a link between the prison and the outside world. Part of his job is to inherit the duties of the City King from his brother (Kyle Chandler). Mike talks in small parts about his mother (Dianne Wiest), who says: “We are not breaking the law. We bend it. Bring peace. For each”.


Even so, it is safe to say that peace and serenity are far from Kingstown. In the first episode of the series, an argument breaks out between a prisoner and the police, who finally slow the prisoner down with a stick. We are made clear here that prison violence is just appalling. Kingstown serves primarily as a prison town, as a place originally built to support about 7 prisons within a 10 miles radius!

Dianne Wiest as Miriam McLusky plays the role of a prison teacher who has cut ties with her sons. We are made to see how she becomes aware of her child’s failure to reach their potential. Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky fits easily into an elite prestige look without looking too strong. Although Mike could be described as the so-called Mayor of Kingstown, technically he was not precisely elected but still does what is necessary.

In addition, the show around him treats the issue of calamity as a mere issue rather than something that needs further analysis and research. Additionally, the series has absolutely no filter when it comes to dark violence, gross language, and corruption in prison. With a genre like this, there’s absolutely no chance of finding characters to sympathize with.

Events escalate from a solid 10 to 100 when the police kill a killer by forcing him to commit suicide. If that doesn’t shake your confidence, the prison guards will pretend nothing has happened just so they have an excuse to beat and mistreat their prisoners. All in all, the show is a moderate paced, full of crime thriller, and the audience is sure to ask for more.

“Mayor of Kingstown” can be streamed on Paramount +.

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