Monday, November 28, 2022

Maya Jama is exactly what Love Island needs

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Jama, 28, has been named the new presenter of the ITV2 juggernaut – she has proved she is more than up to the challenge

As ITV announced earlier this year it would be winter love island concept would return in early 2023, you could feel the UK shaking with a collective groan. The show is fun to watch over the summer months, but the series, which took place in January 2020 – in South Africa rather than Mallorca due to the weather to ensure the mandatory all-day bikinis still made sense – felt like overkill (obviously I’ve seen every episode).

However, a significant amount of intrigue has just been smuggled into the forthcoming trial. Following the departure of Laura Whitmore, who took over from the late Caroline Flack as the show’s host in 2019, island of love was looking for a new presenter and today announced his choice: Maya Jama, one of television’s most charismatic personalities, will take the reins as of January.

Bristol-born Jama is best known for her work on shows such as the BBC’s Make-Up Artist Competition light up and ITV’s celebrity juice. At this year’s BRIT Awards, Jama also joined Mo Gilligan as a secondary presenter, where she brought fun and entertainment to a difficult and awkward live broadcast that can fall in the wrong hands. Live television is a crucible for any presenter, and so Jama’s ability to simplify procedures (honed through her time as a presenter at Radio 1 – like Whitmore, Jama is also a radio presenter gifted with a towering gift) proved beyond a doubt that she is the perfect choice for island of love.

Fans have clamored for Jama to host island of love for years, and it seems the broadcaster has finally listened. This follows a pattern: During its final season, ITV made a clear attempt to appeal to its audience by changing things up — the show got rid of its fast fashion sponsors and changed its opening move so audiences voted for first couples — and apparently listening to them in real time via social media. When a rumor circulated in the tabloids that a second ex of Gemma Owen was about to appear after Jacques O’Neill moved into the mansion, it was met with a backlash online. Apparently, therefore, no such islander appeared.

Giving viewers what they want is smart for ITV. There were a few names in the ring for them island of love Gig – from Emily Atack to one of the show’s recent winners, Ekin-su Cülcüloğlu – the social media court recently ruled that it can only be Jama, who is popular with the show’s own target audience on platforms like Instagram and whose laid-back style is sure to freshen up some of the more tense moments around the mansion’s fire pit.

While island of love The hosting job is quite irresponsible – the host generally appears in the beginning and finals and twice during the show: at the Casa Amor reunion and during a trip to the “Beach Club” when the islanders are generally eliminated – It is considered one of the greatest jobs in television simply because the show is so popular. Jama is also tasked with doing the Sunday night spin-off, After sunMust-see TV, and her chatty, friendly demeanor suits the chat show format.

If I wasn’t convinced to tune in in January, I definitely am now.

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