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Mauricio Umansky will tell celebrity stories in his book

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Mauricio Umansky will drop as a name in his upcoming book The Real Deal.

In a January 2023 interview on Dear Media’s “Trading Secrets with Jason Tartick” podcast, the husband of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” teased that he’ll be sharing “many” stories from his life, including stories about celebrities they’ve met met personally and in the real estate world. Umansky founded his real estate agency, The Agency, in 2011, according to his company bio, after initially working for his brother-in-law, Rick Hilton’s real estate firm.

“All these stories… there are so many of them,” he teased. “And really, the way I’ve approached it, I want to educate people and share lessons with people that I’ve learned throughout my life, whether it’s with my relationship with my wife or my relationship with my kids as a father, a boss, businesses do, but I do it all through memoirs and through storytelling.”

Umansky has handled some massive celebrity real estate throughout his career.

According to The Dirt, he has represented lists for everything from the Playboy Mansion to the Walt Disney Estate and a home owned by the late music superstar Prince.

In 2014, he helped broker a $23 million Malibu mansion sale for Lady Gaga, per The Los Angeles Times. And two years earlier, according to, he was appointed the listing agent for a $23.9 million estate in Holmby Hills, California that once belonged to Michael Jackson. At the time, Umansky told Zillow that he personally knew Jackson, who died in 2009.

“I knew him and my wife has been friends with Michael Jackson since she was 8-10 years old,” he said.

In his 2023 podcast interview, Umansky said he will be sharing stories about his real estate deals with celebrities in his book.

“So I’ll tell you a story about Prince,” he said. “I’ll tell you a story about Michael Jackson. I’ll tell you a story about Lady Gaga. I’ll tell you a story about Kelsey Grammer. And through these stories that I’m telling you, I took something with me, I learned something, and I wanted to put that in my memoir and in my book. And that’s why it’s really interesting. It’s a really good read. I wanted to make it readable for everyone. …. My goal is if you can take one important thing away from it and make your life better, I’m a happy man.”

He also gave a little more insight into his connection to the late King of Pop.

“Michael Jackson is a great story,” he said. “Michael Jackson actually grew up with my wife. Michael Jackson taught my wife to moonwalk on a pool table down in Encino when we were kids. So, you know, there was a bit of a family connection with Michael.”

Although his book focuses heavily on real estate transactions and lessons learned, Umansky admitted he was a little nervous when his wife read his manuscript.

In an October 2022 interview with People, Umansky revealed that when she first sent his wife his manuscript to read, he wasn’t sure what she would think.

“I am [nervous]’ he admitted. “She will read my perception of a number of different things. … I think this will be a book that is real. It’s unfiltered.”

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