Friday, January 13, 2023

“Married at First Sight”: Why Nicole and Chris are Secretly the Best Couple

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lifetime Married at first sight Season 16 brought five couples together in Nashville, and some fans initially thought bride Nicole and groom Chris didn’t stand a chance. The most common comment was that they seemed too different – he seemed quite reserved while she admitted she’s much more on the cheeky side.

However, after seeing their sweet first meeting down the aisle, we think they might be the couple of the season most eager to win it. And we’re not the only ones.

According to her lifelong couple’s bio, Chris relocated to Nashville from Chicago to work and “hasn’t had the easiest time meeting people with the challenges of COVID.”

Before meeting Nicole, however, he said he was “ready for marriage, excited about the next chapter” and hoped the experts could help him find his “one true love.”

Meanwhile, Nicole was a lifelong resident of New York City before she got fed up with the “toxic dating scene” and “picked it up and moved to Nashville to change the pace and change perspective.”

Before meeting Chris, she said she was “ready to focus on dating again and find true love.”

Some fans on Reddit initially had little hope for the season 16 couple, thinking Nicole’s personality was “too much” for Chris, who on the surface seems a little more reserved than her. Some observers shared the belief that because their personalities seemed so different, she would inevitably embarrass him.

That was before Lifetime aired footage of their meeting and wedding that changed some minds — including ours. Here’s why.

Many fans had doubts from the start, and some even thought that they would be among the most short-lived of the season behind Clint and Gina. But Chris and Nicole had a lovely meeting at their wedding, and we think they’re early contenders for most compatible couple of the season.

At first, they both seemed delighted, and maybe even smitten, when they met at the altar. They are both talkative. And they admitted they found the other easy on the eyes.

Also, they chose wedding gifts for each other that included a stone or crystal, which not everyone would do. Before they knew each other, Nicole was selecting a blue kyanite crystal for her future husband, and Chris was buying her a moonstone necklace.

Remarkably, they correctly guess each other’s names before their first meeting. “I said your name was Chris,” she told him before introducing herself in the second episode of the season, to which he replied, “I said your name was Nicole.”

After all, there already seems to be an emotional bond between them, as Nicole cried while rewatching their wedding gift scene.

In responses to a Married at first sight Instagram post, fans discussed Chris and Nicole after episode two became available. And more seemed to think they could hold out after seeing their first meeting.

“I think Nicole and Chris are the only ones who have a chance this season,” one commented. Another shared that they were “cheering for” the couple but added: “For now.”

Of course her journey continues Married at first sight has only just begun and only time will tell what the future holds for Chris and Nicole.

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