Monday, November 28, 2022

“Married at First Sight” is Michelle Obama’s “simple” guilty pleasure

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Michelle Obama isn’t above indulging in light entertainment when she needs a break from all that’s going on in the world. In her new book the light we carry The former First Lady admits her love for “simple” television. And her favorite shows to binge on might include some of your favorites, including Lifetime’s Married at first sight.

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Obama spoke to People ahead of the Nov. 15 release of her book. She opened up about a moment in her memoir when she opened up about how she thinks her husband, former President Barack Obama, watches too much golf. He now finds that she watches too much “simple” television. She went on to expand on what’s on her DVR – including Lifetime’s long-running relationship show Married at first sight.

“You name it, I watch it. HGTV. Everything on the Food Channel,” she said. “It’s not all undemanding. I love the dating shows Married at first sight. Oh my god yes I can do anything.”

Obama had a perfectly understandable reason to indulge in some guilty pleasure television.

“Television is an escape for me,” she said. “I am a fully informed citizen. I read the newspaper, I get briefings, I sit with Barack Obama every night. I know what’s happening in the world. When I’m alone, I need to be able to turn my head off and think about wallpaper.”

This isn’t the first time Obama has spoken about her favorite TV shows. In the past she was named The Dick Van Dyke Show as her favorite (via CBS News). She also revealed how The Mary Tyler Moore Show shaped her as a child.

“She was one of the few single professional women pictured on television at the time,” Obama told Variety in 2016. “She wasn’t married. She didn’t want to get married. At no point did the series end on a happy ending as she found a husband — which seemed like the path to take as a woman. But she somehow resisted it. She worked in a newsroom, she had a tough boss, and she opposed him. She had close friends and never bemoaned the fact that she was single. She was very proud and comfortable in this role.”

She added, “I was probably 10 or 11 when I saw that and I started like, ‘You know what? Marriage is an option. Having a family is an option. And going to school, getting an education, and pursuing a career is another really viable option that can lead to happiness and fulfillment.’”

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Obama even managed to squeeze in time to keep up with must-watch TV while she was in the White House. Her trick to getting caught in the latest episodes of hit shows? Binge-watching during long flights, she told Variety.

“On a good flight to China? With the fifth season of Orange is the new black is a lifesaver,” she says. “It’s the only way I can get through the next season The American is on a long flight. And it helps because you look up and you say, “We’re here. We are landing.’ ”

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