Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘Married at First Sight’: Alexis reveals the moment she knew her marriage to Justin was over in season 15

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There have been many failed relationships Married at first sight, but Justin and Alexis’ marriage was the most complicated. The San Diego couple paced weekly, leaving viewers unsure of how things would end. Eventually they parted ways. And Alexis says her decision to end the marriage was a accumulation of multiple events. But there is one moment that breaks the camel’s back.

After the honeymoon, their relationship was a rollercoaster ride. The status changed from week to week. And while some viewers felt Alexis seemed checked out early on, she insists she tried, but it was difficult to maintain any stability because of Justin’s ever-changing feelings and how he behaved towards her differently on and off camera .

When appearing on are you my podcast Alexis was asked by the co-hosts when she knew her marriage to Justin wasn’t going to last. She says it’s a complicated answer.

“There’s a two-part answer to that just because it came in waves,” Alexis explained. “There were times when I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this forever.’ But then I wanted to challenge myself because I knew I hadn’t done that in the past.”

Still, she says she kept trying. Towards the end, however, one moment stood out for her that broke the camel’s back.

“I think the exact moment I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ was with the last Decision Day cookout we had as a group,” she recalled. She says the two didn’t see eye-to-eye on partying with their co-stars and Justin made a big fuss about his disdain for their dating.

“We were all going like, ‘Hey, this is our last night together. Let’s go out, let’s have a drink together, let’s unwind, have a good night.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ Then Justin looks at me and says, ‘If you go with them, I’ll go home.’ So he said, ‘You’re not going with them. You didn’t talk to me about that.” It was starting to get back into the whole dating thing. And I thought, ‘We’re all here. you can come with us This is a community effort.’ And he kind of made me feel like a kid in that moment. And I said I can’t go on with this … and I asked for a divorce,” she said.

Alexis initially wanted to try to make her marriage work before giving up completely. The pundits weren’t sure how Justin and Alexis would fare in the end. During their decision day, Justin apologized for being difficult but noted that he wanted to stay married. Alexis agreed the roller coaster of emotions was a lot, but she wanted to try and make it without the cameras. But things quickly changed when Justin asked how they were going to move on and became upset when Alexis decided not to move in together right away.

“I need time,” Alexis Justin said during their 1-1. “I said yes because I see the change, I see us, but I need time to process everything and really come to terms with it. Yes just means yes for the time being. I didn’t want to give up on us because I’ve seen some good, but I’ve seen some bad.” Justin was upset as he felt Alexis was leaving their marriage was in a gray area. He asked her if she wished she’d said no instead, to which she said no.

The next day, in front of the group, she asked for a divorce. They tried to be friends when filming ended, but ultimately decided not to continue platonically either.

While Alexis clarifies that there is no future with Justin, Pastor Cal, one of the experts who brought them together, told BOSSIP that they didn’t try hard enough. He even says Alexis was ill-prepared for such a commitment.

“I think Justin and Alexis just gave up too soon,” he said. “They could have done it, but sometimes it’s two different things to think you’re ready and actually to be ready for a long-term commitment. Alexis may not have been as ready as she thought.”

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