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Marianne Faithfull said a tense, silent fight between Paul McCartney and his girlfriend felt like a play

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During an awkward evening visit, Marianne Faithfull recalled how Paul McCartney and his girlfriend Jane Asher had argued all night. Faithfull said the tension between them was so palpable that she correctly predicted the couple would split. The interesting thing about the argument was that McCartney and Asher carried it out without ever speaking or even looking at each other. Faithfull said it was like watching a play.

Faithfull, an actor and singer who dated Mick Jagger, spent time with the Beatles. She got to know the band and her companions well. She recalled McCartney performing “Hey, Jude” at a party she attended.

“So there we were all, having a wonderful time, really high (the punch was laced with LSD), and walking Paul McCartney, little smiles, hands behind his back,” she wrote, per The Guardian. “‘What’s the matter, Paul?’ we screamed. “Oh, nothing really,” he says, and hangs up “Hey, Jude.” It was the first time anyone had heard it and we were all blown away.”

McCartney also admired Faithfull’s music and tried to sound like her on the song “Here, There and Everywhere.”

“As I sang it in the studio, I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to sing it like Marianne Faithfull,'” he said in the book Paul McCartney: In many years by Barry Miles. “[It’s] something no one would ever know. You have these little things on your mind.”

While Faithfull enjoyed listening to McCartney play music, she wasn’t always comfortable visiting his home.

“Visiting Paul and Jane Asher wasn’t quite as relaxed,” she said. “They were a little bit uptight and there was constant little friction, but that’s what happens when couples start breaking up.”

She recalled one particularly tense visit.

“I love watching people go about their domestic lives and seeing how that goes,” she explained, adding, “I’ve always found Jane and Paul very tense. I remember very clearly one night on Cavendish Avenue when she wanted the window closed and he wanted the window open. This was really like playing Joe Orton. It was bloody awesome.”

She explained that the argument is so engaging because they don’t have to use words to express their feelings.

“I sat there all night watching Jane get up and open it and Paul close it and it was just like nothing was being said,” she explained. “And pretty soon after that they broke up, which of course I could have told anyone.”

Shortly after the visit, McCartney and Asher had a very public breakup. After discovering he was cheating on her, she went on the show Dee time and gave an update on their relationship.

“I didn’t break it off, but it’s broken off, done,” she said, per Express in 1968. “I know it sounds cheesy but we still see each other and love each other but it didn’t work out. Maybe we’ll be kids’ sweethearts and we’ll meet up and get married when we’re about 70.”

Ultimately, Asher married cartoonist Gerald Scarfe in 1981 and McCartney married photographer Linda Eastman in 1969.

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