Monday, November 28, 2022

Manifest is so much better on Netflix

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manifest is back with a serious glow-up. The missing plane drama debuted exclusively on Netflix this month in the first half of its fourth season after NBC unexpectedly canceled it last year. Moving a show from network TV to streaming is always a hit or miss – Luciferfor example, had great success after joining Netflix, but Designated Survivor wasn’t that popular. Happily, manifest Season 4 feels like home. Here’s how manifest has improved since switching to Netflix.

NBC canceled manifest after three seasons in June 2021. The surprising decision left the series on a major cliffhanger. Around the same time, Netflix won seasons 1 and 2, followed by season 3, and the show became a streaming hit. manifest even made history with its success in the streamer’s top 10 charts.

manifest Fans didn’t let go of the series without a fight. They launched a #SaveManifest campaign on Twitter and showed the world that people wanted to see more. And while NBC stood firm in its decision to cancel, rumors circulated that Season 4 could continue on Netflix.

As of August 28, 2021 – known as 828 Day in the – nothing has been confirmed manifest fanbase. Netflix finally announced it was ending the series with an oversized fourth season split into two parts. Most of the cast members returned to filming a few months later. Finally, manifest Season 4 Part 1 arrived on Netflix on November 4th.

The biggest change too manifest Season 4 is production quality. A source told The Hollywood Reporter that NBC had a budget of $4 million to $5 million per episode manifest, but Netflix had a budget “way north” of that. It’s clear that much of the new budget has gone into the cinematic art – the Passenger’s Vocations are now decked out with incredible special effects, such as frighteningly realistic bubbling lava.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that this is the final season, but the stars are also stepping up in earnest and giving it their all in season 4. Josh Dallas gives a compelling performance as a father desperate to find his missing daughter. His frustration and sadness are palpable to viewers.

In total, manifest Season 4 accelerates the story to fit into a 20-episode frame, which means less filler. Each moment comes with a purpose and lends itself to the larger storyline. Eventually, even if there are some seemingly not-so-important scenes, viewers should be able to say, “Oh, This is why they threw that in there.”

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The best part manifest Season 4 is that even though it’s on Netflix now and had a glow-up, it doesn’t feel like an entirely new show. Improvements have been made without taking away what fans already know and love manifest. While the storytelling is a bit faster, it feels the same. The duration of the episodes is also similar to that of Network TV.

According to series creator Jeff Rake, that was the goal: “creative flexibility” without taking too many liberties.

“Netflix said to us at the beginning, ‘Please don’t feel obligated to do anything else on our behalf. We encourage you to do the same show you did,'” he told Variety. “We already had the data: Netflix audiences had already seen 42 episodes of the show we made to air and they had such positive reactions. You were already used to this runtime, our writing to the commercial break. … When we get to the series finale, whenever it’s released, that episode is longer. We had a lot of story to tell in that last episode. But beyond that, the show is still the show.”

manifest Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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