Thursday, June 30, 2022

MAKING A KING: How Kate Middleton’s calm and advice became Prince William’s rock

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“His marriage to Catherine was pivotal. She loves him for who he is, despite his title, not because of it,” an insider said

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is “tougher than she’s given credit for” and is head over heels in love with her husband Prince William, according to a close friend of the couple. The Duke will turn 40 on Tuesday June 21 and is said to be a calm, confident, composed and established heir.

The unnamed friend also explained that his relationship with Kate is a major factor in keeping him calm, grounded and ready to take on royal duties.


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Kate, William and their family

Kate Middleton comes across as quite a reserved and reserved personality in public due to her demeanor when she is out. However, this friend insisted that Kate is “tougher than she’s often given credit for” and the fact that the Duke often relies on her as the pressures of royal life on the pair will only increase.

This unnamed friend continued, “His marriage to Catherine was pivotal. She loves him for what he is, despite his title, not because of it. She is his anchor and he relies on her calm and advice. She’s tougher than people give her credit for and William relies on her a lot.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will all celebrate their 40th birthday together as Kate’s 40th in January was thwarted by Covid. Although Windsor Castle and Sandeigham are the two most important locations, the final location of the celebration remains unconfirmed.

In addition to being the Duke, a loving husband and grandson, William is known for his devoted father. He has always made his priorities clear by raising his children primarily. Another of the Duke’s priorities is mental health and environmental campaigning.

As busy as his schedule may be, he always makes time for school runs as he can often be seen at his children’s athletic competitions. This marked public attention as in 2019 the couple’s trip to Islamabad was so famously delayed just so the two could drive George and Charlotte to school. Several royal reporters feel that in Kate, Prince William has finally found a happy medium and a favorable balance between life and royal duties that has finally helped him get his priorities right. Additionally, they believe this will help him continue to become an influential and effective member of the firm.

Described as a dedicated family man, the friend said of William: “He knows the future (of the monarchy) rests on his, Catherine’s and his children’s shoulders and that’s a lot of pressure.”

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