Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘Make it together’: Adele taunted as she repeatedly broke down as the Vegas residency finally began

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Adele repeatedly burst into tears during an emotional performance for the opening night of her Las Vegas residency on November 18

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Adele repeatedly broke down in tears onstage during an emotional performance for the opening night of her Las Vegas residency on Friday, November 18.” The teary-eyed 34-year-old reportedly said: ” I should give you a standing ovation thank you for coming back to me I really appreciate it You look amazing and it looks just how I imagined it’s perfect I’m so scared and nervous but I’m so happy, I don’t know what I was thinking putting piano ballads at the front of the set, hopefully my nerves will go away with time.”

“I also really want to thank Caesar’s because there were a lot of rumors and they never asked any questions, they were amazing. Only legends have walked through these doors, I’m so honored. I have no idea what it’s been for five months but I can’t wait,” she noted, according to TMZ. However, fans on social media weren’t as impressed with Adele’s emotional engagement with the audience. One person wrote on Twitter : “Stop being such a drama queen.” “She needs to take a break and dry off… i.e. abstain from alcohol. She’s talented but she seems sloppy right now,” added another. Someone advised, “Get together.” “What a clown show 🤡,” another user noted.


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In a live message to her fans, Adele broke down in tears as she said COVID has forced her to delay the start of her stay in Las Vegas. “We’ve got so much going on and it’s just not done yet. I’m so sorry,” the star said on social media. We tried absolutely everything to get it put together in time and for it to be good enough for you. But we’ve been absolutely devastated by shipping delays and COVID. Half of my team and the Half of my crew are affected by COVID. They still are and it was impossible to finish the show,” she noted at the time.

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