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‘MAFS’ Season 15: Fans Want Miguel and Lindy to Stop Saying They Should ‘Heal Their Inner Child’

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Lindy and Miguel’s marital issues leave fans divided, while most label Miguel as “controlling,” others want Lindy to change a few things

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Lindy and Miguel picked up where the last episode left off and, after a round of dodgeball, went individually to their co-workers to share their mutual fears and hopes for the future of their marriage. Following the Oct. 12 episode of “Married at First Sight,” viewers are divided on whether to stay together because each has their own luggage.

Essentially, in their separate chats, both agree that a compromise is needed, but who will bend? The rough times for Miguel and Lindy continue throughout the episode, but things seem to get better when they come home and hug on the couch. She tells him their problems aren’t unsolvable, which pleases him, but his mood doesn’t make Lindy feel good. Lindy goes to the gym with Miguel to work out as a show of support for their attempt to reconnect, and while not the biggest fan, serves as a cheerleader.


As they walk home, he surprises her by handing her an envelope containing a new health insurance card. Lindy is overjoyed, but Miguel wonders how else to convince her of his devotion; She says she wishes she was more comfortable and blames his mood swings for him keeping her on the fence. Things get even worse when they invite their friends over to play Dungeons & Dragons. Although the game is fun in a way, the real drama comes when they talk to their friends separately. Lindy’s friend tells her not to hide her feelings from Miguel and to show herself even though she doesn’t think he wants to see that part of her. When they finally meet again after their friends left, Miguel is upset because he thinks Lindy put him down. The episode ends with the duo at a standoff.

Seeing the duo going back and forth with their issues over the past few episodes seems to have drained viewers. Fans took to social media to offer their opinions on the two and it seems like both have their own supporters. One fan tweeted: “Lindy…at this point, being alone is definitely a better option. You’re not afraid of losing Miguel, you’re afraid of being alone. Choose yourself!” Another fan shouted at Miguel for making Lindy feel bad, tweeting, “Apparently Miguel thinks he’s pretty much perfect and Lindy needs to act the way he thinks he should at all times appropriate and she needs to spice up his wacky poetry and she can’t vent OR she’s “too much” for him.” While another viewer opines, “Now Lindy needs to change some of those things. Interrupting people and not paying attention when someone is speaking IS problematic. I can’t defend that.” One viewer blamed the experts for the pairing, writing, “I don’t understand why the experts would have paired a survivor of a religious cult with a controlling narcissist. I feel for Lindy.”

Some fans also feel that Miguel is intentionally gaslighting Lindy. “Sometimes people just need to turn to third parties without judgement, and Miguel knows he gets the damn concept. But he loves to gaslight Lindy and tap-dance on her brain,” said one fan. Another fan called out each party for their mistakes, tweeting, “Miguel gets wrong in his delivery sometimes, yes. Lindy seems to lack confidence though.” One viewer found Miguel’s attitude ‘controlling’ and wrote, “So Lindy can’t let off steam at her friend’s now?! Miguel goes straight to hell. “If that ain’t the most controlling shit I’ve ever heard… -Princess.” For what it’s worth, some fans feel the duo should call it quits as they’d be better off without each other: “Miguel and Lindy should both staying single and doing the work to heal their inner child.”

For more on the drama of Married at First Sight Season 15, tune in to Lifetime. New episodes are released every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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