Monday, August 8, 2022

Madison LeCroy has been branded “mean and trashy” over recent comments

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Madison LeCroy is a controversial character on Southern Charm, but it’s safe to say she’s been bringing the drama for the past few seasons. The hairstylist has shown in the past that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and has had a few falling-outs with her co-stars, most notably her ex Austen Kroll and his close friend Craig Conover.

That’s why a recent video posted to her Instagram story raised eyebrows from some fans as she told others not to be mean. “People are assholes,” she said in her story. “Gosh, I mean, yeah, I’ve been where I woke up every day and I was one too, but like there’s a time when you just have to freak out. And I don’t know, maybe you should consider that if you’re one of them today. Because it’s not a cute look like you look ugly when you’re mean.”

LeCroy added, “Am I a hypocrite?” The video was apparently taken while LeCroy was driving. Bravolebrity did not say who the video was aimed at. Here’s the clip:

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The video was posted on Reddit in a thread titled “Madison, you might want to take your own advice! No makeup can hide an ugly heart!” It received many comments from Southern Charm fans, who criticized LeCroy’s attitude and her decision to record on her phone while driving.

One person commented, “She may think she’s physically attractive, but like my grandma (RIP) said, ‘Beauty fades but stupid, mean and trashy are forever.'” Another agreed, “She’s like that on the inside ugly .” One Redditor wrote: “She talks EXACTLY about what she does!!! She talks to her haters who tell her the truth. She’s such a mean girl. She acts disgusted when she’s the WORST at it.” Someone commented, “OMG!!! She is the WORST!!!! She talks shit about EVERYONE!! Pot summons the cauldron’s black treasure!”

Many commented on her driving during the recording, with one person writing, “Stop recording and driving.” Another agreed, “Stuff like this drives me nuts. And we can literally see that she’s in her sunglasses. At least hide it if you blatantly risk causing an accident for a TikTok.” One person wrote, “THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Just wait until you’re parked! It’s not worth risking other people’s lives!” One person commented, “I find it disgusting when people post videos while driving like this. Watch the damn road.”

Several others commented that her lips and teeth looked different than before. One person commented, “She’s probably had too many fillers and treatments.” One Redditor agreed, “Lips don’t look natural hahaha…” Another commented, “Her new teeth look like dentures.”

The mother-of-one told People in an interview that filming Season 8 of Southern Charm was “refreshing” because this time she wasn’t being “mean and toxic.” “I’m in a different headspace,” she spilled. “I’m really happy in my relationship because I’m finally with someone who loves me the way I need to. He’s the most incredible man. He’s there for me no matter what happens. I ask him for advice and he knows how to be a man.”

LeCroy told the publication that being with her fiancé, Brett Randle, pushed her “to be a better person.” She explained, “It’s refreshing to be with someone like that, and it’s refreshing to feel like I’m not being so mean and toxic on the show.” So far this season, fans have seen Kroll on responded to the news of LeCroy’s engagement to Randle. In the last episode, LeCroy shared that Randle is a Mormon and they will follow certain rules leading up to their marriage, such as living in separate houses until they are married.

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