Monday, November 29, 2021

"Made so stupid" Spectators complain about "The voice of Germany"

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The casting format is actually very popular with TV audiences. But with an innovation “The Voice of Germany” has caused a lot of trouble. There is criticism on the net, hardly anyone finds the live show concept suitable.

In the live shows of “The Voice of Germany” there was a change for the first time on Thursday. It was no longer the coaches around Sarah Connor and Mark Forster who decided who would progress, but the audience. Anyone who wanted to could use an app to get involved in the action and put various singing talents on the so-called “hot seat”. Whoever stayed there at the end was allowed to move into the quarter-finals.

During the entire show, who was allowed to sit on this coveted seat changed constantly. What caused a lot of displeasure among the TV audience: The talents didn’t even have to have sung to achieve the position. Those who had built up a large fan base in advance benefited from it and not from their upcoming live performance.

Many viewers felt this was unfair. “I think it would be better if you could only vote after all the shows, that’s really a bit stupid,” wrote one person, for example. “I’m not a fan of the new system yet,” was another opinion. And another user tapped on Twitter: “Hopefully this nonsense with the constant change of rum will not survive this season. It already annoys me.”

The attempt to use the app for more innovation and integration of the audience fell through mercilessly. Hardly any user on Twitter was enthusiastic about the change that had not taken place in any season before. Probably also because the casting show was particularly popular for the concept of the voice. In contrast to other, comparable programs, it seemed here that it really only came down to the vocals and not to the trimmings.

Neither Sat 1 nor ProSieben nor those responsible for “The Voice of Germany” have so far commented on the criticism. It remains unclear whether the “hot seat” will be continued in the future.

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