Monday, January 23, 2023

‘M3GAN’ star Allison Williams had to ignore Tina Fey’s advice to wear a bra

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Allison Williams has been part of some of the most watched movies and TV shows in recent years. While she might have taken tips from the stars that came before her, there was one piece of advice from Tina Fey that Williams had to ignore.

Williams was made famous by HBO girl, where she appeared alongside Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet. She has since starred in hit films like Get out, The perfectionand M3GANas well as shows like The Mindy Project and A chain of unfortunate events.

girl saw Williams play Marnie Michaels, an art gallery assistant and wannabe singer who stumbles through the same struggles and misadventures as the rest of the cast while navigating their early 20s.

Even before she began appearing in Hollywood productions, Williams took advice from the stars. Tina Fey, SNL and 30 rocks Star, delivered the commencement address at Williams’ graduation from the New Canaan Country School.

During her speech, Williams claimed Fey gave students some advice, including “wear a bra” and “don’t smoke.” While the actor respected Fey, one of those tips didn’t sit well with her girl Role.

Page Six reported that Williams was heard laughing, “But now I keep working girl, where the wardrobe does not even allow wearing a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set.” Williams may not have listened to Fey this time, but she once worked with Fey in a role where she had to take all of the comedian’s orders.

During and after college, Williams held a variety of odd jobs, from working as a Ralph Lauren salesman to acting as an on-set substitute. Your most memorable job? Works as an assistant to Fey’s assistant.

“I just wanted experience and I wanted to get to know the business and it’s been a great summer because it’s done baby mom and start 30 rocksso I watched something like film and television,” Williams told Vulture of that time.

She continued, “It was so informative. Not only did I learn a lot about the industry, but I also learned a lot about New York City — I just got lost in cabs and didn’t know where things were. I have to spend a day in the author’s room 30 rocks and I’ll never forget it…I just thought [Fey] went on air.”

Today, Williams is as big a star as Fey. your last role? The horror movie M3GAN. Williams plays a roboticist at a toy company who has just gained custody of her orphaned niece.

The pair struggle to bond until William’s character gives her a new toy to work on: M3GAN, an AI doll. The girl and the doll become best friends, but things turn dark and violent when someone threatens to come between them.

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