Monday, June 27, 2022

“Love Match Atlanta”: Matchmaker Shae feels the agony of not being “matched” herself

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Shae sees the need to be “tuned” as an unnecessary burden, but given her career, she needs to think about it

At Love Match Atlanta, five of the city’s most renowned matchmakers work to create lasting romantic bonds and relationships for their clients. This show does not shy away from competition or controversy. Shae Primus is one of the main characters of the series. She is the most realistic matchmaker in the debut season of Love Match Atlanta. With almost a decade of experience, this season she will not only be looking for partners for her clients, but also making sure they find the partnership of a lifetime. However, being a matchmaker in central Atlanta puts a strain on the single mother of two.

According to her Bravo TV bio, the certified matchmaker likes to keep her authentic and understands that everyone fantasizes about her fairytale endings. However, she is newly single. The mother of two is currently looking for a partner herself.


Is Shae Primus currently dating anyone?

Shae knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to business. She is the founder and CEO of Middle-Class Matchmaker. Their service connects professionals looking for their “other half”. Clients looking to meet potential lifetime romantic partners can hire Shae for her support and guidance. Anyone interested in working with Shae must first meet with a psychologist to assess if they are ready to fall in love. Shae will engage you if you are healthy enough to be paired with an excellent companion.

Shae explained at the show’s premiere that she and her daughter’s father recently split. Before it called off, the couple was together for almost eight years. Shae’s separation was difficult, but she found solace in her existing family. Shae moved in with her mother, Renee, and her sister for about six months after their split — only until she found a new apartment about 15 minutes from her mother’s house. Shae is a single mother of two. She has a son named Lawrence and a daughter named Ava.

In the first episode we met Joseph Dixon, the CEO/Founder and matchmaker of and an old friend of Shae’s. Dixon pays a visit to Shae’s new apartment to check on her. During an interview, Shae mentions how Joseph made her feel guilty in front of her client by bringing up her recent breakup with her daughter’s father. This upset Shae as she didn’t want her private life to be broadcast to the whole world. Joseph believes Shae was unhappy because clients might question her legitimacy as a matchmaker if she doesn’t have a “good, thriving relationship.”

Shae thanks her mother for being there for her after their breakup when she pays her a visit at her new apartment. She fell into despair soon after the breakup and sought help to get through it. She then questions her career as a matchmaker for not being “matched” herself. She even asks her mother if she should continue in this profession. She talks about how being home with her family has helped her get through the difficult time. Her family provided her with the necessary support and enabled her to “regroup”. She “had to rebuild Shae” to find herself again. The split after 8 years has hit Shae, but with her family by her side, she is cruising through the aftermath.

A look through Shae’s Instagram reveals her main interests. Most of Shae’s posts are quotes about the law of attraction, the discipline of manifestation, success, and achieving your life’s greatest ambitions.

A new episode of Love Match Atlanta airs every Sunday at 9:8c on Bravo

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