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‘Love Match Atlanta’: Kevin Samuels’ Victim Turns to Matchmaker for Positive Dating Advice

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Samuels berated black women on his YouTube show and podcasts for being old and out of shape and having illegitimate children

Kevin Samuels seems to be the last resort for America’s black women looking for advice. Samuels berated black women on his YouTube show and podcasts for being old and out of shape and having illegitimate children. He ridiculed “modern women” who brag about their myriad college degrees and freedom. He delivered those grenades in muted tones, dressed in a sleek suit, and sat at a desk with a crazy kinetic energy sculpture. Kevin Samuels sat in his chair in a December 2020 video chatting quietly to a single 35-year-old black mother who came in to ask for dating advice. The woman, who claims to have a teenage son and a six-figure income from her pet grooming business, says she wants to meet someone on her level who also makes six figures. Samuels constantly criticized her looks, occupation, age and the fact that she is a mother, implying that she is lowering her standards.

Kevin Samuels, the self-proclaimed expert, was ready to attack black women in the dating world. A recent episode of Love Match Atlanta revealed that the now-deceased dating guru was the same YouTuber who humiliated Joseph Dixon’s client Jessica in a public forum.


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Was Jessica from ‘Love Match Atlanta’ the victim of his sexist criticism?

He encouraged her to lower her expectations after describing her as “average looking at best.” Gaining popularity on social media for controversial love and dating advice, Samuels made very negative comments about ladies — many of whom were black — who assessed their “worth” based on their beauty, age, wealth and number of children . Still, many women tuned in to Samuel’s show in large numbers, perhaps hoping to put the self-proclaimed image consultant-turned-relationship-guru in his place.

When news of his death broke earlier this month, people familiar with his channel had conflicting feelings. On the one hand, some viewed his viral remarks as sexist against women, stereotypical of men, and a continuation of a long-standing divide between black men and black women. His many followers, on the other hand, viewed Samuels as a trustworthy messenger of truth and the harsh response to his death as an insult. From supporters to haters, Samuel’s allure was his openness to saying whatever he wanted, however he wanted. The tremendous lack of sympathy for Samuels – whose mother reportedly learned of his death amid online speculation raged – stems from his capitalizing on belittling single black women over 35 as “leftovers” whose misguided yearning for “quality men” would condemn her to a lonely death.

In the second episode of “Love Match Atlanta,” matchmaker Joseph Dixon and his business partner/girlfriend Paris meet Jessica, one of their clients. Jessica, who was introduced as a 36-year-old woman, single mother and pet spa owner, is a very good match for the woman punished by Kevin Samuels in 2020. It really is! Jessica tells Joseph and Paris how she got into therapy after her time with the Samuels. Due to the apparent humiliation she endured on the show, Jessica was unprepared to start a relationship when Joseph and Paris first met her. Without naming names, she describes how the YouTuber drags and humiliates her in front of millions of viewers. The comments were hard for her to swallow because she felt she had done nothing to deserve them. According to her, she just said what she wanted and people came to attack her for no apparent reason. That’s when she realized that if they felt that way about her, she should avoid dating black men. After taking a hiatus to deal with her mental health issues, she has now reached out to Joseph Dixon, the CEO/Founder and matchmaker of

Samuels, an image consultant, started his YouTube channel in 2015 and offered men advice with a 2017 video that listed 15 qualities men should have, including a tailored suit and then a sense of humor. He then focused on women, which proved fruitful as he grew his online profile to around 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, over 299 million video views and 1.2 million Instagram followers. However, much of his content was aimed at the same black women who helped him build his image. “Are modern women proud of being selfish?” “Narcissistic Modern Women Drive Men Insane?” and “Women Should Let Men Use Them” are some of his most recent videos. He had little patience for callers who defied this categorization, often playing their fights for laughs. And he did so against a backdrop of black women fighting to be serious to be taken on the internet, let alone settle down.

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