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‘Love Match Atlanta’ Full Cast List: From Shae Primus to Ming Clark, meet Atlanta’s matchmaker

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Love Match Atlanta immerses viewers in the fast-paced world of big city matchmakers

‘Love Match Atlanta’ is where all love and matchmaking is fair. From the perspective of some of the city’s top dating professionals, the show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the black matchmaking business.

The series follows these coveted matchmakers as they attempt to outwit their rivals while celebrating the black love deal. These experts juggle their personal lives while trying to connect with high profile individuals who are looking for the perfect match and are willing to spend big on their love life. Ming Clark, Joseph Dixon, Kelli Fisher, Tana Gilmore and Shae Primus are among the cast. The matchmakers, who are both friends and foes, battle for the hearts and money of Black Atlanta’s most suitable singles with their own unique methods, charm and expertise.


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Shae Prime

Shae Primus is the CEO of Middle-Class Matchmaker. She is a certified matchmaker trying to match single, middle-class professionals looking for a partner. Shae requires her clients to meet with a trained psychologist to determine if they are mentally ready for love and healthy enough to keep up with her demanding clients.

For more than 12 years, Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore have been supporting the most powerful women in the country with great success. Not only do Kelli and Tana dominate the scene in Hotlanta, they also run one of the most sought-after dating services for black women in the country.

Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore have been highly successful for more than 12 years helping most women find their ideal partners in America. Clients in their program must attend relationship counseling, image counseling, and a photo session. It takes about two months for clients to be polished enough to start their first date after going through this extensive process to get them relationship ready.

Joseph Dixon is the CEO/Founder and Matchmaker at Dixon is a straight black man in the matchmaking industry. In 2013 he launched his own dating app, Real Black Love, which has quickly grown to around 500,000 users. Through his dating agency, he met his girlfriend Paris, who is now his business partner. He turned his app success and natural matching skills into a thriving personal business with a success rate of more than 75%.

Color Blind International is owned by Ming Clark. Ming switched industries and became a matchmaker after having bad dating experiences while working in the beauty industry. The date her company offers are high-priced services that can cost up to $100,000, and clients who want to meet someone outside of their social or cultural circle come to her. Their dates are generally high-octane and exciting, giving individuals a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet someone special.

Love Match Atlanta airs Sunday, May 8th at 9/10. Clock premiered on Bravo

Tana Gilmore

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