Saturday, June 25, 2022

Love Island’s RAGE ISLAND Ekin-Su storms out after explosive argument with Jay as his secret is exposed

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LOVE Island has warned fans to brace themselves for a night of fury as Ekin-Su gets the hell out of Jay Younger.

Viewers have seen the actress practically fall in love with the Scottish new boy – but their relationship is falling apart in spectacular fashion.

In a preview of the action that aired on Thursday night, she can be seen yelling and swearing at him as Iain Stirling warned fans to expect fireworks.

Trouble has been brewing for some time as Jay planned to ditch the actress and hook up with Paige Thorne.

However, behind her back, he’s been trying to figure out what his chances are – until now.

The latest preview shows Ekin-Su telling Jay, “It’s only now that I’ve realized what you did.

“You’re telling me now that you want to meet Paige. She’s in a committed relationship – do you know how sultry that makes you look?”

He tries to speak up, stuttering, “I was meeting you and things… things…”

She snapped back, “Things what? Apparently I was a player here, but the biggest player in this mansion is you.

“You deserve the biggest Oscar in here. Well done. You should just walk away, Jay.”

After taunting him with fake applause, Ekin-Su stands up and storms out of the fire pit area.

Some fans predicted Davide would be delighted to see the one-time lovebirds fall out after his chances with her were ruined.

One wrote: “Davide would love this fight between Ekin su and Jay.

However, another predicted: “No way is Paige different from Jacques so it’s silly why he’s making a big deal out of getting to know her now. Especially when he’s with Ekin Su, who’s going to kill him.”

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