Monday, November 28, 2022

Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth shows a new face after new shock surgery

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LOVE Island star Hannah Elizabeth shared a photo fresh from fox eye lift surgery.

The original Villa winner – who was crowned champion alongside Jon Clark in 2015 – has flown to Istanbul, Turkey to undergo her latest surgery.


Hannah has shown the painful recovery process from her surgery[/caption]

The star wants to look like a Bratz doll

A fox eye lift is designed to reshape your eyes by gently tugging at the corners to make them appear more almond-shaped. The look is believed to make you appear more “youthful.”

The star revealed the results of the look just three days after surgery, with the sides of her face covered in surgical cast as she posed for a selfie.

Despite being in recovery, the 32-year-old star managed to look perfect with a full face of makeup, complete with false lashes.

She wrote alongside the picture: “Day 3 post surgery. Couldn’t be happier with my results. Thank you all [at Serene Cosmetics] amazing trip so far.”

But just two days later, she felt the worse effects and shared another candid post, admitting that her “entire face” was swollen, including her nose, lips and cheeks.

The new procedure is the latest in a series of cosmetic surgeries Hannah has given herself and she’s keeping to her promise by posting regular updates on her Instagram.

She also got a breast augmentation, 14 years after she first got implants, and shared a photo in a supportive bra with a joke, “Go big or go home.”

“New breast implants after the baby was born really helped fill in the loose pocket and also helped with my curl,” she added.

“I’m overwhelmed, I couldn’t be happier.”

However, Hannah was forced to defend her choices after being attacked by online trolls.

Last week, after announcing her surgery, she said: “Sick of messages from vile, embittered women. Honestly it’s disgusting.

“It stinks of nothing but bitterness and jealousy so please don’t comment on what I’m doing to MY BODY. I am a 32-year-old woman, not a young child.”

“I’m blown away by how many women comment in DMs but wouldn’t dream of taking to the streets to come and see me,” she added.

“My body, my face and if I may say so, I have always made everything beautiful that suits me. I can’t win.”

She later told fans, “To make it even nicer, thank you for all the LOVE. My inbox is flooded with questions that I’ll be answering for you here over the next few days. Lots of love.

“PS if you don’t like surgeries you are following the wrong girl (i’ve been like this since i was 18 my playboy days) xxxx”

Hannah has also revealed that she is “obsessed” with a Bratz doll performance – an American fashion doll made by Mattel with long hair, exaggerated eyes and stylish outfits.

This was later cemented in the latest picture, which saw her in a Bratz t-shirt.


Hannah rose to fame on Love Island in 2015[/caption]


The star also had breast surgery as well as the fox eye lift[/caption]


Hannah fought back trolls who made fun of her surgery[/caption]

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