Sunday, June 26, 2022

Love Island Week Two: Exes, Bombshells and the Ekin-Su Show

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The second week felt a little flat… until Ekin-Su turned up the heat. Find out with the new issue of Love i-sland

Not for long, but the devil is working hard on it island of love The production and casting crew end up working harder – because a rather muscular wrench in the guise of rugby player Jacques was thrown into work earlier in the week.

Two weeks after the start of the 2022 edition of island of love and fortunes, as they often do, have shifted. A planned dump was muddled when Liam Llewelyn decided to leave the show and return to Wales, meaning Paige and Afia – the two single girls after Friday’s reunion – survived another day.

It’s been quite a development, not least because he’s Gemma’s ex-boyfriend (who, surprisingly, has managed to stay secret about her famous father until now). Any chance of them rekindling their bond was loudly dismissed by both of them – although I don’t believe them, I don’t know how much I believe them, given how much they tend to enjoy conspiratorial conversations.

That leaves Gemma with Luca, who’s been acting like a limpet in a hoodie for the past week, and Jacques, who’s hooked up with Paige. This meant that Afia was the first person to be kicked off the island.

Elsewhere, the saga of Ekin-Su and Davide has continued (the show could only be about these two and I’d be more than happy to be honest), Amber and Dami seem to be on the rocks, and Indiyah has her head got somewhat turned away from Ikenna by newcomer Remi, who asked her if she considered herself a “cougar” at the ripe age of 23. Remi entered the mansion alongside financial brother Jay, who kept talking about “never forgetting this moment” in a very “financial” way.

In Wednesday night’s episode, Jay and Remi got to choose three girls each to take part in the famous show island of love cooking challenge. Remi selected Indiyah, who made him a delicious “toasted baguette” appetizer, Paige, who kind of rocked it and made him a burger from scratch, and finally Ekin-Su, who chopped up some strawberries and melted some chocolate with it she could feed them to him while Davide watched.

After initially showing interest in Tasha, Paige, and Amber, Jay has now engaged in psychological drama with Ekin-Su, who forced him to crawl across the patio floor to make out with her two nights in a row. away from Davide and his pair of glasses.

In the episode on Friday evening everything came to a head. After asking Jay if he kissed Ekin-Su on the patio and getting an embarrassed “yes,” Davide asked her the same question. Despite the previous conversation, she quickly denied it and, in Davide’s words, was exposed as a “liar”! and an “actress”. A screaming fight ensued between the two, with Davide licking his bruised ego and Ekin-Su alternating between crying and joy for kissing Jay. Twice.

As the islanders geared up for another game – Sex Sea, geddit? – they were surprised by another bombshell, Danica Taylor. Filled with confidence, Danica spent most of her first few hours at the mansion telling everyone within earshot that she was a dancer. The threatened girls didn’t like them. “I don’t want to show her around,” Amber told her buddies, before promptly offering a tour as Danica strolled by.

The week started with a question mark over the ethics of sending a contestant’s ex to the villa (this was previously done when Jack Fincham’s ex Ellie Jones joined the show for Casa Amor in series four, and ITV Ofcom complaints about his treatment received Dani Dyer, Jack’s partner at the villa, after the move), but neither Gemma nor Jacques seem particularly bothered by the dynamic, so it’s probably safe to say this is another bullet dodged.

What it feels like the show was responding to in real-time were accusations from viewers on Twitter that after a few episodes in a row the show had become “Gemma Island,” which is about her budding relationship with Luca and her feelings for her went ex enter. After Gemma Island was trending online, the show shifted its focus quite a bit, sending undersung couple Amber and Dami on a tennis date (although they’re a little less sure now than they were a week ago) and more featuring scenes with Ikenna and Indiyah, again , as viewers had requested online.

Danica’s move into the mansion caused even more excitement – especially among the girls. While they were clearly threatened, it was still pretty awkward to see them rally around a really old slut before they’d said more than five words to her. If I were a dancer I would want everyone to know too!

I’m still not entirely convinced of the chemistry between this year’s cast – apart from Tasha and Andrew, who seem to really like each other and were the first couple to spend a night in hideout – and week two it felt that way a bit of an energy slump: more annual leave than Iceland island of love. Fortunately, however, a woman like no other has faced this situation: Ekin-Su.

She is solely responsible for the production island of love Appointment viewing 2022. She is not faithful to any man: Chaos is her mistress and she dances with her every night, by her Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti kiss with Jay, during her time of mourning because Davide didn’t bring her coffee in the morning. Keep her in there all the time and let her win on her own – Ekin-Su doesn’t need the burden of being a couple when she already has this show on her back.

Friday’s episode left us on one hell of a cliffhanger with the girls choosing who to re-pair with. A boy is sent home, and in a brilliant twist, new girl Danica the dancer is given a choice. It is almost certain that she will choose Luca or Jacques, which will cause a rift between her and the girls (who already seem to be against her).

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