Sunday, June 26, 2022

Love Island week one: public voting, love squares and an Italian snack

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In our new Love island column, we take a look at the ups and downs of the villa’s first week

It’s during this time that we witnessed the show’s first format change – the initial connections were made by the audience, rather than by the weird little courtship ritual of “stepping forward” that usually appears in the first episode of each year.

I’m a veteran in this game and therefore I know it once from one season island of love It’s hard to imagine ever a time when you weren’t magnetized on your sofa at 9pm, arranging your dinner around the actions of 10-20 of the best looking and worst behaved people in the UK. But despite the fact that I now feel like I’ve known Davide my entire life and maybe even before, we’ve incredibly only had four episodes of island of love 2022 has graced our screens so far.

At the end of the first episode we were left with pairings of: Gemma (of football Owen Dynasty) and Welsh Elt and John fan Liam; Luca Bish, who sells fish, and former NHS worker Paige; Pharma salesman Ikenna and Indiyah, who’s so glamorous she might as well be a pop star; Dancer Tasha and real estate agent Andrew, who honestly said of his job, “It just is Sell ​​sunsetyes”; and finally Irish biologist Dami and Amber, who is a nanny and sounds eerily like season four contestant Megan Barton-Hanson.

That domestic bliss was not to last, however, as it was marred on the first night by an arrival so seismic it might well change the course of British history. Davide walked into the mansion, looking like an aftershave commercial, and asked, “Has anyone ordered an Italian snack?” (easily the best opening line by anyone to have appeared on this show — “Hi boys” can rot), what sends the girls into overdrive and the boys into hiding. Davide received a text message telling him he would have to meet one of the girls the next day, leaving one of the boys vulnerable.

After various people spent lots of time giggling around him, Davide finally decided to team up with Gemma and leave Liam alone. Luckily for him, he wasn’t treated like Shannon Singh, who left the show after just a few days last year (presumably the public reaction to that twist didn’t lead producers to revisit it). and instead two new bombshells have been chosen by the public to date – lounge host Afia and actor Ekin-Su (who, in an admission that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, told Liam she played a serial killer on a Turkish TV show).

Alongside this, there was also an awkward kiss between Amber and Dami, some uncertainty about Ikenna for Indiyah, and a simmering love square between Tasha, Luca, Paige, and Andrew, who all seem to like each other in some combination, which is unclear but definitely happening (although Luca which turned it on its head on Thursday night by taking Gemma out onto the patio to chat with her, while making far more references to her father than usual when speaking to someone you wish to address).

However, this rat king of romantic intrigues will soon have to be unraveled. On Thursday night, islanders were told there would be a reunion at the end of the week, with anyone not selected being kicked off the island. hunger games Time.

The most important debates of the week emerged from the first episodes. First, there were questions about whether it really was a good idea to let the public choose the pairings, both for entertainment reasons (our TV editor Emily Baker said she could predict all the resulting pairs in her first night’s review) and for reasons of fun Reasons of public opinion that has long plagued island of love.

Viewers were quick to point out, rightly so, that the voting had racially coupled contestants, and questioned whether this was really any better than the previous one, which often featured women of color last in the lineup.

Elsewhere, the show’s age restrictions caused a stir when Gemma revealed she was only 19 and later began dating 27-year-old Davide.

The two later spoke on camera about their age difference (clearly prompted by the producers), although it remains to be seen if this will be an ongoing conversation now that their pairing seems to be on the rocks.

I wrote about why this week island of love is the only show on television where nepotism is a good thing because when the contestants end up revealing who their famous family members are, it makes absolutely amazing television.

The specter of Michael Owen, Gemma’s extremely famous father, was present throughout the week, hovering over every mention of dads or football.

I originally wanted her to get the reveal out of the way sooner rather than later, but now I find it funnier when she just doesn’t tell anyone, manages to stay there throughout the show and just lets him throw in the ending, when the parents are visiting.

One moment please for Paige, whose short-lived attempts to get to know Davide resulted in her explaining to him her two favorite genres of books: “romance” and “mafia.”

Unfortunately, the conversation was cut short when he received a text message, but as someone rethinking the parts island of love where they just chat on the sunbeds are a lot more entertaining than any ‘draw for talk’ that happens, I hope to hear a lot more about what else she’s been reading.

With the field open as it is – and early signs of who actually thinks they’re quite confusing – it’s not clear who will leave the island on Sunday, and indeed are the only girls feeling safe in their places , the much-haunted Gemma , and Amber, who seems to have caught Dami’s attention.

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