Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Love Island USA’: Zeta says Timmy was told to go after a black woman, ‘America loves that’

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island of love United States of America Fans fell in love with a 4-star season. Many supported Zeta Morrison’s search for love and crowned her the winner. But she claims Timmy Pandolfi was told to team up with a black woman for America’s Voices.

Zeta announced that her relationship with Timmy is over. She revealed some of the awkward moments between them and Murad Merali.

“If I say that, if you imagine they have a black mother to be even more of a team with me,” the reality TV star said. “Or respect who I was. It was just very, very contradictory, you know?

Zeta said when she met his sister things didn’t go well. “I remember a line she said. And she was like, ‘Yeah, I told Timmy, get a black girl. Like America loves that,'” she claimed. “And you know, he says when I told him about it, he said, ‘Well, of course! My mother is black. My sister loves black women.’”

“And I think, OK, great,” Zeta continued. “But why didn’t she tell you, just get on the show and find out who you’re really flying with?” She said this and the other issues in their relationship made her question his motives.

“I know Timmy likes black people,” she said. “And I’m sure his sister too. It’s just things you’re like, well I heard that, then I heard that. And she’s not even trying to be friends with me. Was it all just gameplay?”

Zeta went on to say she’s not sad about the breakup. “He was willing to continue the relationship the way he envisioned it,” she said. “I’m not sticking with it. Are you kidding? It’s sad when you think you’d date one of your ex-boyfriends again before you dated them. This is how I feel in this special moment.”

She said she cares for Timmy and wants to give him a chance. But it felt like he was vying with her for the spotlight after they won the grand prize.

“But I feel like you said you were ready for a relationship and I kept telling him like you weren’t,” she said. “You just wanted to say that because you wanted to go on the show. Because if you were really ready, you would come out and we would fight these battles together. Because that’s what you do. But he doesn’t want my help with anything.”

Zeta said Timmy wanted to make a statement to announce their breakup. She took a different path because she thought of the fans.

“These people really cared about you,” she said. “And he even made comments like, ‘What people watch these shows?’ And I’m like the people who put 50 grand in your pocket and are happy to support you because they think you’re in love.”

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